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How To Claim Prime Gaming Rewards in League of Legends Prime Gaming

In this guide we will talk about how you can claim prime gaming rewards in League of Legends by linking Amazon Prime, Riot Games and Twitch account together easily and get the rewards easily.

Prime gaming offers a great chance for League of Legends players to get various rewards and in game items. With Prime Gaming subscription user can get various games and in game rewards for free.

Step 1: Linking Amazon Prime and Twitch Account

In order to connect your Prime Gaming account with Twitch account follow the given below steps and make sure you have a working Prime Gaming account and make sure that your region is supported.

  1. First log in to your Prime Gaming account.
  2. Then on your profile you will find link twitch account.
  3. Click on it and a pop-up will appear.
  4. Click on link accounts and then sign in with your twitch account.
  5. Press confirm to make sure your account is linked.

Step 2: Linking Twitch Account with Riot Games LOL

In order to connect your Twitch Account with League of Legends account follow the given below steps one by one to ensure that your account is connected properly.

  1. Login to your twitch account.
  2. Click on your profile and then click on settings.
  3. There will be various options available.
  4. From the given options click on Connections.
  5. Scroll down and below you will find Riot Games.
  6. Click on connect and follow the process by signing up with your Riot Account.

Step 3: Claiming Prime Rewards

In order to get League of Legends prime gaming rewards follow the given below steps one by one to ensure that you receive the rewards properly.

  1. Click on this link to head over to the Prime Gaming Reward.
  2. Make sure you have signed in with earlier prime gaming account.
  3. Below you will see various rewards.
  4. Click on claim now.
  5. You will receive Prime Gaming Capsule which includes RP, Skins, Orange Essence, Champion Shards, and more.
  6. Now head over to League of Legends loot page.
  7. You will find the above rewards there.
  8. And if you are new then you must complete the tutorial to get the rewards.
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