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LoL: Top 10 Hottest Female Skins to Buy Right Now

League of Legends (LoL) has a lot of incredible and highly detailed skins. If you are looking for the top hottest female skins in the league of legends, you have come to the right place. We have checked and added the best skins league has to offer for its female characters.

Before you continue with the list, LoL Skins are purely cosmetic-based, giving you no advantage over other players in-game. We have curated the sexiest skins in LoL that you can buy right now.

10. Blood Moon Evelynn

Blood Moon Evelynn

Evelynn is one of the best characters in LoL. Evelynn entices prey with the sensual appearance of a human female, but once a person falls prey to her charms, Evelynn’s actual form unfolds. Blood Moon is the finest skin created by Riot Games.

9. Officer Caitlyn

Officer Caitlyn

Caitlyn, known as the city’s top peacekeeper, is also Piltover’s best chance of purging the city of its mysterious criminal elements. She is a great friend of Vi. Officer Caitlyn is the perfect skin for you.

8. Debonair 2.0 Leona

Debonair 2.0 Leona

Leona is a princess, and she deserves the perfect skin. There are several skins, but Debonair is the finest of them all. The perfect greenish and white combination is just great.

7. Ahri Spirit Blossom

Ahri Spirit Blossom

Ahri is Love <3. She is our queen. She is gorgeous. She is everything. This skin is good. I mean, How good Riot Games is? They are making the best Ahri skins you will ever see.

6. Coven Lissandra

Coven Lissandra

The highly detailed Coven Skin of Lissandra from Riot Games is just another classic example of quality work provided by Riot Games. The Throne gives her a scary but kind of sexy look.

5. Coven Ahri

Coven Ahri

We added Ahri Twice to our list as she is one of the prettiest characters in LoL, and I absolutely love the art design of this skin. Riot Games have done a stunning job in making her look perfect.

4. K/DA All Out Evelynn

K/DA All Out Evelynn

Evelyn has the only best skin out of the K/DA Skin pack. She looks absolutely at her finest. You can buy this skin without thinking. The skin has better visual clarity in the game as well.

3. Snow Bunny Nidalee

Snow Bunny Nidalee

Nidalee Snow Bunny Skin is the best skin you can get. I mean, look at her. She is stunning, and I can look at her for hours. As always, thanks to riot games for providing us with these high-quality skins in LoL.

2. Crime City Miss Fortune

Crime City Miss Fortune

Who doesn’t love Miss Fortune, Am I right? She is one of the early game characters, and it’s really hard to master her. In my opinion, Crime City is the perfect and sexiest skin that resembles the true Miss Fortune.

1. Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige

Bewitching Miss Fortune Prestige

She might be the only one who keeps me at my toes. I mean, look at the skin. It’s so gorgeous. Everyone loves a sexy witch, and I might say she has bewitched us all with her gorgeous looks, and I love this skin.

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