How To Make Full Diamond Armor In Minecraft Easily in 2022

How To Make Full Diamond Armor In Minecraft Easily

Let’s look up how we can make diamond armor in Minecraft. The guide includes all the major points that you need to keep in mind and the step-by-step making of the full body diamond armor in Minecraft including Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots.

Diamond armor in Minecraft is probably the best armor in Minecraft with the highest durability and most protection points. Though it can be difficult to create since the diamond ores are not easily found but are worthy enough to craft one.

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Gathering Resources for Diamond Armor in Minecraft

  1. The first step towards making any armor is gathering the required resources.
  2. Diamond is extremely rare and can be found deep underground only.
  3. So, move deep downstairs in the mining area and crush walls with a pickaxe to get diamond ores. Sometimes you can get them from villagers too.
  4. To craft diamond armor you need to collect at least 24 diamond ores.
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How to craft Diamond Armor in Minecraft

  • After having collected sufficient pieces of ores, go to your crafting table and open 3 by 3 crafting grid.

Helmet :

  • The helmet needs three diamonds in the first row, one in the middle left column and one in the middle right column.
  • After doing so, your diamond helmet will be crafted and you can shift it to the inventory.
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Chest plate:

  • For the chest plate, you need to place diamonds in all the boxes of the grid except the middlebox of the first row.
  • Your chest plate of the armor is complete, shift it to the inventory.
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Leg Pieces:

  • Place diamonds in the left and right columns and the middlebox of the first row.
  • The leg pieces of the armor are ready.
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  • Place diamonds in the first column and third column except for the last boxes of both columns.
  • Your boots are ready, transfer them to the inventory.
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Equipping the diamond armor

  • Now Equip your armor.
  • Open inventory and select each armor piece that you have created just now.
  • And here is your diamond armor ready to use.

How to get Diamond Armor from Villagers in Minecraft

There is another way too but that is troublesome and not as easy as the first method.

  • To get diamond armor, players need to approach the Armorer Villager.
  • But here is the trouble, you can only trade for diamond armor only when they have reached the “Master” or “Expert” level.
  • The boots and leg pieces can be traded at the Expert level, and the helmets and chest plates can be traded at the Master level only.
  • You will have to collect a lot of emeralds first. The chestplate will need 21 to 35 emeralds.
  • For leg pieces, you will need 19 to 33 emeralds. And the boots will cost around 13 to 27 emeralds.
  • You can get emeralds by farming coal and trading it with villagers and you will need a lot of emeralds to trade a diamond armor further.

Mining the ores and crafting the diamond ore was an easy and better alternative. The diamond armor has got lots of specialties, of course, it’s armor made of diamonds. Now you know how to craft one, try it yourself. Meanwhile, check out other guides on Minecraft.

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