How to Make Glass in Minecraft Easy Way (All Versions) 2022

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Minecraft was fully released to the public way back in 2022 and to date remains one of if not the most popular game in the market. The game has broken several records and is one of the best success stories in recent gaming.

What makes the game so popular is the massive diversity of people the game panders to, the game can be enjoyed by anyone no matter what is their age.

It is undoubtedly one of the best games to play with your friends and if you somehow haven’t played Minecraft yet we highly recommend you give it a shot.

Considering the massive popularity of the game it is a surprise how little the game tells you about crafting, which has left many players confused and relying on guides. Today we will show you how to make one of the most used items, Glass in Minecraft 2022.

Step 1 – Build a Crafting Table

You need a crafting table to craft the very basic required items in the game so must know how to make one already but if you don’t, you will need 4 pieces of wood planks and place them as shown below in the crafting menu to build the crafting table.

crafting table 11zon
Source- TECH GURU Youtube

Step 2 – Build a Furnace

Once you have the crafting table you can easily build a furnace as the material required for a crafting table is just the 8 cobblestones that you will find easily anywhere on the entire map. You need to place the 8 cobblestones as shown below in the crafting table to create the Furnace.

furnace 11zon
Source -TECH GURU Youtube

Step 3 – Make Glass

Once you have the Furnace you can finally start making glass for which you will require-

  • Sand
  • Fuel

One Sand Block plus One Fuel Block gives you one Glass Block so gather the materials accordingly. A lot of materials can be used for fuel and what you use in the furnace as fuel doesn’t really matter so feel free to choose whatever you have for fuel. Put the fuel and the sand in the furnace and you will have the glass blocks that you need.

glass 11zon
Source- OMM_GAMING Youtube

That’s it, you can now start making glass and build that dream base you wanted all along in Minecraft.

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