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Apex Legends Mobile Hacks: Situation, Hackers Ruining game?

One of the most annoying things a gamer can face in a competitive online game is hackers, they ruin the experience of the player by using unfair means to win games at your expense. An online game’s longevity is determined by how well it can control these cheaters. Many games including Apex often permanently ban an account if they are found cheating.

Even with such measures, Apex Legends is one of the most hacked online multiplayer shooters out right now and it seems this has translated to Apex Legends: Mobile as well with players claiming to encounter a hacker every few matches. So today we are here to discuss what the hackers do and how they are ruining the game for many.

Aim Botting

One of the most popular types of hacks present in Apex Legends Mobile is surely the aimbot. If a hacker is using an aimbot in their games they do not have to manually aim at enemies instead he will just snap onto nearby enemies with perfect accuracy.

If you ever get hit with an almost impossible shot with insane reaction speeds, more often than not that person is using an aimbot. In a game where aim and gun skill are such huge aspects of one’s game, this is game-breaking and very frustrating for players actually grinding to improve their aim.

Wall Hacks

Another very common way hackers cheat in-game is by using wallhacks. Wallhacks can be of different types, some allow players to shoot through walls, some allow to see through walls and some even allow the hacker to move through the walls.

These all are extremely unfair advantages for someone to have and a player not using these hacks has little to no chance against someone with the hacks on.

No Damage Cheat

This is one of the most annoying types of cheaters you can face in your game, using hacks these players don’t take damage even after getting shot.

So if you ever feel like you are hitting every single shot but the enemy is not taking any damage, there is a high chance that he is using hacks. Note– This could also happen due to high latency so make sure your connection is stable before you start reporting someone.

What to Do If you face a Hacker?

Sadly there isn’t much you can do if you do happen to face a cheater in-game except reporting the player you think is cheating. You can report a person in-game by tapping the warning symbol in the bottom-left corner of the screen and choosing the player and the reason to report them.

You can also report them from the menu by going into your history to find the match in which you encountered the hacker and reporting them.
Keep in mind that Apex Legends has often been criticized for their weak anti-cheat measures with many feeling it is too easy to cheat the game without any repercussions.

We really hope that these issues get fixed soon and the game adopts better anti-cheat measures and be harsher on cheaters, device banning more hackers may be one way to do so. If the number of hackers keeps on increasing then the game would surely lose the hype it has around right now and many players will switch to different battle royale games.

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