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Apex Legends Mobile: How to Play Like a Pro (6 Tips)

Apex Mobile

The mobile version of the massively popular free-to-play shooter Apex Legends has just been released for people to play in some specified regions. Mobile players seem very excited about how the game would translate to mobile devices and what the release of such a big title means for the future of mobile gaming.

Since Apex Legends also features a rank mode, we are sure many people would want to start climbing as quickly as possible. So here are some of our tips you can use to play like a pro in Apex Legends: Mobile.


  • Figure Out Your Sensitivity – Before hopping into ranked you should try to find a sensitivity setting that best suites you. You should try to adapt to the camera contol of mobile devices and figure out the sensitivity you prefer.
  • Play Aggressive – While learning you should always try to play more aggressively instead of hiding and surviving. Doing so will make you more comfortable in combat situations in a very short period.
  • Use Arena Mode – You can also improve your combat skills through this 3v3 round-based mode. Players engage in fights all the time in this mode so it is great to learn how to win fights.
  • Quick Looting – You should always make the effort to loot as quickly as you can as long loot times often leaves you vulnerable for enemies to take advantage of. Try to improve your speed and keep in mind what you want to keep.
  • Landing Spot – You should find a good landing spot and try to improve your landing speeds and beat your foes to the loot.
  • Positioning – Positioning is one of the most important aspects in Apex Legends due to how frequently players get stuck between fire of multiple teams. Knowing where you are and how you should engage a fight is the main difference.

We hope these tips helped in your grind towards the rank of Apex predator in Apex Legends: Mobile.

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