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Arena of Valor Lag: Causes and How to Fix It

Arena of Valor seems like the next big competitive game that you can play on your phones as the mobile MOBA is seeing many new players jumping to try it.

With this influx of players and the esports scene that the developers want to promote for their game, many players will surely take the game seriously to get better. But the one thing all players hate is lag, so here we are to tell you how you can fix the various lagging issues you may face while playing Arena of Valor.

Reported Lag Issues

Many players are complaining about the various issues that cause their game to lag. These issues are very common in the game right now and are making playing the game very difficult for some. Some of the most common reported issues are-

  • Ping spikes – Players have reported high fluctuations in their games causing lag issues.
  • Framerate Drops – Some players have also mentioned facing random framedrops even on higher end devices.
  • Hard crashes – Hard crashes are also being reported on various devices, although not very prevalent this can be a huge turn off for many.


These are some of the possible solutions that may help you reduce lag issues in your game-

  • Change your Server – Many players have reported that were placed in the wrong servers causing higher pings and delay. So be sure that you are on a server of your region before queing up for a match.
  • Reinstall your game – If your are facing various framerate drops in your game try updating your game or better reinstall the game again from your store to make sure you’re on the most recent patch of the game. If your framerate still drops frequently check your device specification to make sure it can run AOV.
  • Wait for the future patches – If you still faces issues with lag even after trying the above two tips all you can do unfortunately is wait for the developers to patch the game. Developers of the game have confirmed a network patch for the game in the future so you should atleast wait for the next version of the game.

So we hope that this guide helped you get past those nasty spikes right into the game !

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