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[Latest] Top 10 Best MMORPG Games for Android & Ios 2021

Looking for some best MMORPG games for Mobile devices, included Android and ios devices, Here we have top 12 list of games that is highly recommended to try once.

These games are the best choice under MMORPG category, and are amazing to play, comes with great tactics, Graphics and Gameplay. Proceed with the post to get some amazing hand picked games that you will love it.

What are MMORPG Games?

MMORPG which is commonly known as Massively multiplayer online games, which are really popular in PC games, Also these games are available to download for Mobile devices, which we are looking in this post.

Interact with other online players in massive environment, Complete Quests, raid Dungeons, or kill the final boss in these games.

The Best MMORPG Games For Mobile Devices

1. Kaion Tales

The first game here is Kaion Tales, In this game there are 2 Fractions which are Draxian and Naru side having balance power for the job level. This game is played by many users with lots of tasks in this game.

Around 80 to 100 Players join in a single server, Get kills, Trade, Loots by killing the small monsters. This game is very special for the mmorpg lovers, you also have a Pet system to support you in the battles.

2. Curse of Aros

Same as the Kaion Tales, this game is quite enjoyable and looks similar to the previous one. With a large numbers of players and community this game is still enjoyable.

You can get the simple loots without killing the enemies also you can get the drop items by killing the monsters. Do Lots of crafting in this game, and other tasks like – Fishing, Wood cutting and killing the monsters and the Boss.

3. World of Slayer

This might be the best 2D MMOPRG game for Mobile devices, You can make party and do hunt together. The Pixel art style is very much realistic and full of details surroundings.

There is a huge map, where you can explore, and can buy weapons like Sword, Bow, Axe and others. Ping the items or area easily and help your other members.

4. Rainbow Story

This game is quite good looking, and consists of some cute characters in the game. This game is Combat Power based, but you can get Free VIP’s as soon as you complete the given challenges.

You can do quests, ride mount and increase your CP (Combat power) and can level up faster just by killing the monsters which respawns very quick.

5. Cloud Song

This game is very much smooth and looks amazing with the high graphics. This game has lots of cool character design, and amazing sounds track in the background. Looks similar to the Mobile Legends but its different.

There are classes, which can be promoted into two different classes and it will boost your character status power. You need to kill monsters, and the Boss Dungeon which is hard to kill. This game is must playable with your team, as it is a complete team game.

6. World of Prandis

World of Prandis is a complete 3D MMORPG open world game, which comes with great gameplay experience. You can do free trades, No auto quests and PVP which makes the game very easy to play.

You can collect Pets, Wing glasses, fishing and many more. The Main objective is to be stronger than the other fractions. Play this game once and you will not regret it.

7. Black Dessert Mobile

Black Dessert Mobile is the mobile version of the PC game Black dessert, many of you have already played it but some of you didn’t. This game graphics are very high quality besides that fact it is a mobile game.

Do Character customization, get on the horse, do camps, have pets and join the guild to conquer the world. This is the best personal mmorpg that we can recommend you to play.

8. Legend of Neverland

This is the Perfect MMORPG game ever! If you had played genshin impact on PC, this game is similar to that and comes with realistic graphics with Anime character in the game.

So, if you are looking for Anime MMORPG game, here it is. The main advantage of this game is you can go multiplayer with other players easily and have fun. Same as other games you can do lots of tasks, trades, craft weapons and character powers.

9. Marvel Revolution

This game is really unique in the MMORPG section, but it is quite interesting. The game is full 3D and the concept is quite amazing and Futuristic. This is the official game released by the MARVEL.

The game is slightly heavy in size as it has lots of stuff going on with very high graphics. The game has motion effects, which are very realistic to see. You can go freely on the lobby to meet other players, and do other tasks.

10. Sao Black Swordsman ace

This game looks like the mixture of two games which are – Sword art online integral factor and Genshin Impact. Choose your character which comes with amazing outfits.

This game comes with some great moves which feels great in the game. This game has auto features ON, which will do lots of auto tasks by itself, make sure you turn them off to really enjoy the game.

The only bad thing about this game is its language, you will have hard time understanding it, while doing the missions, killing the enemies, or looting them, you need to make assumptions for the buttons that is coming up on the screen.

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