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Top 10 Best Roblox Horror games for Mobile (Roblox Horror games Multiplayer) 2021

Roblox is a cool fun game to play with your friends as well as others, The Roblox community are very strong and can be found in a large number of players. Roblox has constantly dominated the field of massively online multiplayer games since its initial release in 2005.

Roblox is so popular right now that it’s available on a variety of platforms. With the great potential of the roblox, it comes with an awesome multiplayer experience that makes roblox unique from other games.

It’s not a single game, but rather a collection of over 50 million games made by the game’s community. We are covering down the Best Roblox horror games (Mobile Edition) Players can browse and play Roblox games easily on their cellphones by downloading the Roblox installer.

What are the most scary games on Roblox –

  • Those Beneath Us
  • The Maze
  • Survive the Killer
  • Identity Fraud
  • Specter
  • The Horror Mansion
  • The Clown Killing Reborns
  • Paranormica
  • The Mimic
  • Ronald

Those Beneath Us

Those Beneath us is on the number 10 on our list, and it is one of the best Multiplayer horror game on the roblox. Those Beneath us offers thrilling horror experience, with a goal is basically an objective to survive, and win the game. This might sounds easy but it is not.

There are tons of items and tools available in this roblox horror game, that will be vital for your game. The game involves Mr. traitor who is the main opponent in this game. If you are spotted by the traitor, your life is over.

The Maze

The Maze is the Horror survival game, where you and your friends begin the journey into the Maze, and in the Maze you will discover its secrets. You will be needed a lot of items to survive

See how long you can last inside the Maze, so make sure you can handle some weird and scariest items that you will be seeing while roaming inside the Maze.

Survive the Killer

This game “Survive the Killer” is more like similar to Piggy, Almost identical but different. In this Horror Multiplayer game, you need to hide and escape the killer. Also it is a role based survival game as well.

The game is divided into two roles which are – Survivors and the Killers. The Killers will do their best to stab you, you will need to defend yourself. and the Survivors they will be hiding from you and will survive.

This game consists of Dailies, Cosmetics, Various Maps and lots of knives that you can choose to stab your victims

Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud is a roblox horror based game, It is all about Escaping the Mazes and reaching to the Final Boss. Bit similar to the The Maze Roblox game, but little bit different. The games consists of Monsters which will actively seek your presence. So be careful to not get caught

The player must be very careful in order to escape Maze, as it has the most monsters of any maze in the game. You may use the mirror as a helpful landmark to ensure you don’t get lost. This maze’s exit may be accessed by pressing a tiny button on a neighbouring wall. If the button is green, left-clicking on it will activate it.


This is an another Roblox horror game, which will challenge your greatest fears together with a lot of people who are experiencing the same thing. So it is always a big brain move to play with your friends in this game.

Discover Evidence, Explore and then correctly guess the ghost and you will be rewarded with the money that will be helpful in buying new items as well as finding some more evidence.

You’ll need one of two things to discover the ghost room on Roblox Specter: the EMF Reader or the Thermometer. After you’ve discovered the ghost chamber in Specter, you’ll need to figure out what kind of ghost is haunting the house.

Once you’ve identified a ghost in Specter, you’ll need to leave the house, return to the van, and then flick the switch to the back of the vehicle. This will bring the game to a close and ensure that your ghost identification guess is recorded in the Ghost Report.

The Horror Mansion

The Horror Mansion is basically a free roam survival game, into which in every two minutes a random killer will be spawn to kill you, so it will be better to hide anywhere and avoid it. Its pretty much same like Clown Killings

Pkachuwu has created The Horror Mansion, a Roblox comedic horror survival game, and also It was given a comedic twist.

Killers are monsters who strive to kill players by using special skills such as teleportation. Some killers are funny, while others are not. Killers who can teleport, phase through barriers, or have a rapid Walk Speed are usually the most difficult to defeat.

The Clown Killing Reborns

In “The Clown Killing Reborns” the clowns are tired of making you ungrateful kids laugh. This game is basically a hide and seek game, inspired by the Dead of Daylight game. Also you wille awarded with coins in this game based on your play.

This game has two opposite roles which are clowns and the victims. The first Map will be the labortary, in which The clowns are spawned outside and the victims are spawned in the central chamber.

You will be rewarded with nothing if you didn’t survived in this game, surviving as a victim will give you 5 coins, If the clown gets assasinated then you will get 10 coins and at last, Killing everybody as the clown will give you the highest of all which is 15 coins.


Paranormica is the roblox horror game, which is basically a game about paranormical investigations. It is Similar to the Phasmophobia game if you have played that game. In this game what you are going to do is to go the places with paranormal activity and find out what is causing the activity.

Paranormica has total of 5 Maps, with plenty of usable items such as ouija baord, Lanterns and the environments and the amount of scares which be make you feel the horror of this game. Players would search for ghosts in haunted regions. It has a lot of new technical features while still maintaining the traditional Roblox experience.

The Mimic

The Mimic is an exciting old roblox horror game, where you are going to try to look for a missing group of your friends. This game can be played by the single player upto total 5 players at a time in this game. or you can go for the full nightmare mode which can be played with total of 6 players at a time.

This game has two chapters, with two different objectives – places and stories. This game is pretty scary in terms of its story. Especially because it is in the FP Mode ( First Person) which will make the game more scarier.


Ronald is a survival horror game, which is again a round based game with the objective is basically just to survive into the game. The Game is more like similar to the Piggy as well as Granny.

The gameplay revolves around two roles which are – The Player and Ronald. The players must find objects in order to escape and locate the taser in order to shock Ronald and avoid his hammer.

On the other hand Ronald must eliminate all players with the hammer without allowing one or more to escape in order to avoid being shocked.

This game is divided into 6 Maps, and most unique feature of this game is you will get Abilities, Various game Modes as well as Skins unlike other horror games.

These were the Best Top 10 Roblox Horror Multiplayer games, Most of the games have flashing lights so make yourself comfortable while playing. Share with your friends and Comment down which one do you feel is the most scariest one.

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