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BGMI ESP Hacks, Aimbot (Current Cheating Situation in 2023)

If you are frustrated like I am from BGMI ESP, Aimbot, No Recoil Hacks that is being used by many hackers in the game, then let’s analyze the situation of cheating in BGMI real quick.

BGMI aka Battlegrounds Mobile India is a free-to-play battle-royale game created by Krafton especially for India, The game was released because of the recent ban of PUBG Mobile in India by the Indian Government.

PUBG Mobile had a very big player base in India and due to the ban many people were sad because all the fun they used to have was because of the PUBG Mobile, but we all knew that PUBG was going to come back. So Krafton Released BGMI.

This game is still in early access and it reached more than 20 million people in a day. That’s what we call love. The Indian Gaming community is shifting towards mobile gaming and it’s not bad at all.

Hacking in BGMI, But How and Why?

We all know that every game has hacks and glitches, people create and use these hacks in order to push their ranks in the game or they just want to ruin other people’s fun time.

What are BGMI hacks?

Hacks are generally a piece of software or script that people use in order to cheat in games, Hacks modify certain aspects of the game by targeting the game memory and performing a simple task that is beneficial for the hacker to get an advantage among other players.

There are many types of hacks that are being used in BGMI

  • BGMI ESP Hacks
  • BGMI Aimbot Hacks
  • BGMI No Recoil Hacks
  • BGMI Magic Bullet Hacks
  • BGMI Auto Headshot Hacks

A Detailed Summary of What BGMI Hacks do?


bgmi esp hack download
bgmi esp hacks

ESP Hack is also called Extra Sensory Perception is a cheat that will help you see enemies in-game on every location of the map. So that you can hit the player with surprise without him noticing you. BGMI ESP hack is being used in the game on a very large scale.

I am playing BGMI nearly all day long with my friends, We have encountered hackers in nearly all games we have played. We managed to get at the end of the match and we get killed by a hacker that’s really frustrating.

BGMI Aimbot Hacks

bgmi aimbot hacks download free
BGMI Aimbot Hacks

Aimbot hack is a form of cheat that is used in nearly all online multiplayer games, In Aimbot, the hacker targets the enemy and his aim gets lock onto the person’s head all he has to do is press shoot in order to take down the enemy.

BGMI Aimbot hacks are the worst form of hacks in the game people with almost no skills are getting 30+ kills in-game and winning the game without putting in an effort like other players who are struggling to reach Crown or higher leagues.

BGMI No Recoil Hacks

bgmi no recoil hacks download
Bgmi no recoil hacks

No recoil hacks are very basic hacks but still very effective for cheaters that use them. As you know there is a recoil in-game when you try to shoot a weapon on auto, this hack controls the recoil automatically or removes the recoil.

BGMI No Recoil cheat is very hard to detect by the anti-cheat as we all know that the game is still in early access and will get updates in the future that will fix all no recoil hacks in-game.

Current Situation of Cheating in BGMI

BGMI Current Situation in cheating is getting worse and worse by every day, Cheaters are making a different kind of paid and even free hacks are posting it on the internet for people to use, Which in turn is running everyone experience.

I have talked with BGMI Staff, they told me that the game is in early access and they are soon improving the anti-cheat system more and more so, that no one can use cheats in BGMI.

People are using ESP, Aimbot hacks in almost every game I play, They are ruining everyone’s experience of BGMI.

If player get caught using cheats strict actions will be taken against him/her.

bgmi hack ban permanent
BGMI is taking actions for betterment

Note: People who are selling and making these hacks, Krafton stated that they will take legal actions against the person, So it would be good for everyone else because the cheaters will make less cheat because of these guidelines.

How to get hacker free lobbies in BGMI

By following these steps there are low chances of getting hackers in your lobbies,

  • Use a better Internet connection.
  • Make sure you are not using a VPN (if you are select India)
  • Don’t Play on Emulators.

Please don’t use hacks in games and ruin other people’s gaming experience, Work hard on yourself for those clutches. Have a good day everyone.

Written by
Owen Singh

Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.

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