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How to get Gems in Disney Twisted Wonderland 2022

Disney Twisted Wonderland is getting an English-language release. It is out on iOS and Android on 20th January 2022 in the US and Canada. This is a very popular Japanese battle rhythm game created by Disney and Aniplex. This game aims towards female Otaku and features pretty boys of Disney franchises.

Earning Gems is an essential thing in the game since gems are the main in-game currency. Building up gems is a slow process and requires time and patience. If you want to gather cards you will have to participate in the gacha system. Using these gems, you can pull cards that are further used in battles.

Twisted Wonderland Anime Adaptation revealed by Disney

Free Gems in Disney Twisted Wonderland

There can be many ways to get gems in the game for free, instead of using real money. Here this guide includes all the information on how you can get free gems in Disney Twisted Wonderland and get your favorite character’s SSR card.

  • The basic thing for getting the gems is logging in daily, completing the missions and taking classes.
  • Reading both the main and personal stories is the other important way that will earn you free gems.
  • Other than this you can get gems by completing the Twistunes stages and taking an active part in the events. Continue reading to know more.

The Mainstory

  • You will get gems after you complete reading the main story.
  • Reading the main story and the personal stories is the easiest way to get free gems.
  • The story includes interesting text sections and Twistunes.

Weekly and General Missions

  • The game has is filled with weekly and general missions. You earn 60 gems after completing all the Weekly missions.
  • They get refreshed per week. You keep on getting missions as you progress in the game which is the general missions.
  • They can be like logging in daily or obtaining a particular player rank in the game.

Completing the Tasks

  • When you choose a character in the game to be your study companion for classes, they each have a set of tasks to complete.
  • You earn some gems after completing six tasks, and then the task will be renewed.

The Twistunes

  • In the main story, there are some stages where you will have to tap to a rhythm to clear the level.
  • These are called Twistunes which you will have to tackle occasionally. You earn 30 gems after completing each Twistune.
  • There is three difficulty level of each Twistune: Easy, Normal, and Hard.
  • The story uses the easy difficulty level. After you complete them you will earn rewards.
  • The condition for earning a reward is different in each Twistune.
  • Sometimes it can be to get a full combo on a particular difficulty level, obtain a particular score, achieve SS rank, or complete that Twistune multiple times.

The Vignettes

  • Vignettes are kind of funny short stories and they earn you 5 gems each.
  • Each card in the game has a series of Vignettes and its number depends on its rarity.
  • R cards have one, SRs have two and SSRs have three.

These were some of the ways by which you can get free gems in the game. Log in daily and complete the missions necessarily.

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