How To Do Elf Challenge Bitlife!

In this guide, we will talk about how you can easily complete the Elf Challenge in bitlife by simply doing the required task, which are born as a male in New York, give 30+ people gifts, Take 50+ voice lessons and then at last become a famous author.

Bitlife is a reality based simulator that runs a text based interface. It contains real life scenarios of what could happen based on the options you choose and how these choices will affect your future life and goals.


How to complete the challenge?

  1. First thing you have to do is born a male in New York.
  2. While starting new life choose country United States and city New York.
  3. Remember to pick gender as male.
  4. Now you have to grow up to many years and make a lot of friends.
  5. Friends are not necessary for giving gifts.
  6. For giving gifts, you need to have money.
  7. Start a part-time job to earn money.
  8. Age up to have some money in your wallet.
  9. Now give gift to people in your relations.
  10. You can also go to school and gift each of your classmates.
  11. Remember, some might reject your gift, so you have to try with other people like faculty.
  12. For voice lessons, go to Mind and body and then voice and then ask your parents if they agree.
  13. If they disagree, just close the app and try again.
  14. Once they agree, start taking 50 voice lessons.
  15. Once you age up enough, you can apply for college or university.
  16. There also you will have many classmates, so you can give them gift.
  17. Once you have completed the first three, you can drop out of school and choose a job as an author.
  18. If you do not get the job, close the app and do it again.
  19. Choose max hours to get promoted fast.
  20. Now just age up until you become famous

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