How To Do King To Kingpin Challenge Bitlife!

In this guide we will talk about how you can do the king to kingpin challenge in bitlfe by first becoming king, become exiled, emigrate back to your country, Join an organized crime syndicate, and finally make it to the underboss.

BitLife is a realism-based text-based life simulator that allows you to live a different existence. Interactive story games have been around for quite some time. This is the first text-based life simulator, however, that truly integrates and replicates adult life.

How To Do King To Kingpin Challenge Bitlife!

Become King in Bitlife

  1. Start a new life.
  2. Choose country Belgium or any other system that has monarch system.
  3. You have to try this multiple time to get a royal status.
  4. Also try this with different countries.
  5. Choose crime as your special talent.
  6. Age up to around 18 years so that you can hitman your parents.
  7. Also try doing other things too so that you have zero criticism.
  8. Now go to the crime section and higher a hitman.
  9. Kill the family members one by one to become king in the challenge.

Become Exiled in Bitlife

  1. Now go to royalty and then choose to execute option.
  2. Here you have to choose to execute your father.
  3. Choose the method of execution if asked.
  4. Try doing stuffs that will danger the public or against the public.
  5. After some time, the citizens will revolt, and you will be exiled.

Emigrate back to your country in Bitlife

  1. Go to activities and scroll down.
  2. Click on the emigrate option and choose your country you were born.
  3. First request approval.
  4. If the approval gets denied, then emigrate illegally.

Join an organized crime syndicate in Bitlife

  1. Now click on organization.
  2. Click on Special Careers and then organized crime.
  3. Try joining any group.
  4. Smaller or less known group will have more chances of hiring you.
  5. Try different times if not get selected on the first attempt.

Make it to the underboss in Bitlife

  1. Here you have to show your presence more.
  2. Work Harder and do some crimes.
  3. This way you will improve your standing.
  4. Now if there is team meeting always join it.
  5. Accept any promotion you get.
  6. Here you just have to go to try different approach or maybe kill the leader to become boss.
  7. You just have to try different methods.

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