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Pokemon Unite Best Settings Mobile Guide (FPS,Graphics) 2022

Pokemon Unite is a Free to Play, Online Battle Arena Game which is now getting more popular and giving tough competition to Mobile Legends in the Mobile gaming industry.

To Become a Professional at this game, you can have a Great device for higher FPS in Pokemon Unite, but having great FPS is not sufficient for pro players.

You must know what settings are best for you, and how you can change them according to you. So here we have these Pokemon unite Best settings guide, that you can follow and be much better in this game.

Best Settings in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon unite has a lot of various characters and settings that you need to look out, in order to get best performance in the game, you can always go for your own tested settings in the game, which is always the first priority, or follow these settings guide.

System Settings

In System Settings, you need to select the Graphics quality and Frame rates, by your own. But if you do not know, you can always go for Low or Mid Quality, if you play on mid range device.

Also Make sure you choose Frame Rate to High, so that you can get maximum frames in the game. Leave rest as default.


In the Control section, You need to choose one from the two either you want to lock the opponent with low HP based on percentage or locking opponent with low HP based on the character value.

Here you should definitely lock the second one which is value based, it will be more beneficial in game where it will lock the lowest valued pokemon in the match, and you can combat easily.

Attack Controls

By Default, your pokemon will kill and use the abilities on all types of opponents whether it is a big one or small one, but if you only want to use the ability on the Wild pokemons, then the small button will be in use.

Press the small button (in image) so that it will only target the Big wild pokemons, and you will save lots of powers with this.

Automatic Basic Attacks

Most new players dont know about this feature, but if you turn off this faeture, your game sense will improve more.

This Feature allows automatic movements of your pokemon towards opponents, so you don’t want any force from the game to fight with the pokemon, take your own control and turn off this feature.

Lock on Icons

Use this Lock on Feature in game, which allows you to choose your opponents to go and use ability for, this can be the best settings for you, if you know the powers of every pokemon in the game, and how to handle them.

Use this if you know about pokemon powers, or leave it as default.

In-Motion Persuilt Mode

Again, you do not need this feature as it will automatically move your character to the attack zone of the opponents and will force you to fight.

You don’t want to be forced in any way in the game, so turn off this feature and have full control by yourself.

Scoring Controls

In the game, when you want to score you need to hold down that button by default in order to do that. But this is very much complicated mostly if you are at big level in the game.

So, holding down the button is really a bad way in game to score, you can choose the Press Button feature, which will works by simply tapping on the button on screen.

Move Sensitivity

Now here you need to set up some movement Sensitivity and Aim settings which i think are the greatest factor of set of ease in the game.

Move Panel Sensitivity – It totally depends upon you, how you feel moving the characters, you can leave default as High Sens or lower down as you want.

Camera Follows Moves – This is pretty useful, just turn this feature on, so that you can play easily by auto focusing the camera to your moves.

Move Aim Follows Movement Direction – Same as above, turn this feature on, so that you can use your powers or kill in the direction where you are moving or having your face.

Move Aim Snaps to Nearby Targets – Again here, you dont want to get your aim controlled by the game to the nearby targets, turn this feature off and have full controls over the aim.

Battle Info

Here are some basic settings, which will be needed when you are in the battle with other opponents in the game, these are quite simple and easy to set up.

Boosted Attack gauge – This feature shows you a little bar that indicates or tells you when your boosted attack is ready to use. Turn On this Feature and have advantages of attack indicator.

Show Cooldown Decimal Values – In game you see some cooldown values which decreases and goes from 5,4,3,2,1 but nothing after that. Turn on this Feature in order to see below 1 timer which goes in decimal (point) value, which is more accurate.

These were some best settings that you really need to use in order to get better in the game, not all settings are covered, but only the important ones are shown here, leave the other settings as default, which are not covered here.

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