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How to be a Pro in Arsenal Roblox Mobile? Best Tips for Roblox

Roblox is a Popular Online Game Platform Launched in 2006, with collection of more than 50 million games already available and many of them are still currently playing.

Anyone can play Roblox, Children as well as adults both can download and enjoy the games. Players and the developers visit ROBLOX every day to create adventures, play games and role play.

Among all of those games, Here we will be covering down all the tips and Tricks for Arsenal Mobile, How to be good at Arsenal Roblox mobile and all about Arsenal Roblox Mobile which is mostly not discussed by the others on the internet.

Roblox Mobile Vs Roblox PC? Which one is Better

Arsenal is a FPS (First person shooter) game on Roblox made by the ROLVe Community based on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game mode Arms Race. which is available for all the Platforms including mobile and the PC Browser.

The Mobile version of Arsenal is quite similar to the PC version, with the additions of thumb controls and other mobile stuff added to it, makes it easier to play with the thumbs or using claw just like in the other games such as – PUBG Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile.

Talking about Similarity and Difference between Arsenal Mobile vs Arsenal PC, is nothing much. It all depends upon how much you are comfortable while playing on mobile or the desktop.

Roblox DesktopRoblox Mobile
CPU TempHighLess
PortabilityNot PortablePortable

How to get better at Arsenal Roblox mobile?

How to be Pro at Arsenal Mobile?

To be Pro at Roblox Arsenal, you have to get some skills to kill as well as some survival tips in Arsenal. You should be different from all other enemies in the game.

Everyone knows killing and surviving, but there are many more important tips you should be know –

Fix Device Lags

The first and very important thing, players actually ignore that is the Minor lags in between the game. People actually dont care much and do multitasking on the Wifi which makes their game laggy and almost impossible to play Arsenal as well as any other game on Roblox.

To get the best of your Wifi is to configure the settings, disconnect connected people and check if its still working good. Or Closing the App Updates in the background can really save your match from drowning.

Pro tip : Do not Play on Public Wifi or School Wifi, they are way more laggier than any other wifi.

Practice Better Aim

Second we have here the most needed tip is having a Better aim. Almost every other Mobile Player playing roblox has one thing a common, they all are bad at aiming (comparing from the PC players).

To get Better aim, You need to focus aiming at head level. Make your crosshair matches with the level of enemy head, which will make the aim much easier and you will get a faster kill.

These Tips will make your aim much better and ofcourse not like the PC level, but yes it will definetly imporove the aim.

Change crosshair

This is the most general tip to the Roblox players in the Mobile as well as PC, about changing the crosshair in game. The crosshair not only dictates which direction they will shoot, but it also serves as a grounding point for the player’s sight and represents where their character is looking.

The Colors which are recommend to use in the crosshair are – Green, Red and Purple. These are the best custom crosshair in Roblox which can be used to get kills easily. Find which one makes you get more kills and visible.

You should really change the default crosshair, thats not really worth it. So get a Custom Roblox Crosshair for both Mobile as well as PC and dominate the other players easily.

Get More FPS

The Next Tip which is the most important and the needed one which is FPS (Frames per second). Everyone want higher FPS, more and more FPS in the game. Which makes the game way more smoother and less lag.

Having More FPS with less shuttering and other lags, leads to victory. Or Having a good device can solve all of your Frame loss in the game. To get more FPS follow the points below –

  1. Go to Recent or Background apps running.
  2. Close all running Apps in the background

Or You can lower down your graphics from the settings which will make your game much more lag free than before.

If you want to check a complete tutorial to increase FPS in Roblox mobile, check the article here –

>> How to Stop Lag in Roblox Mobile (Android & ios) in 2021

Always BHOP

Bunny hopping is a first-person shooter (FPS) gaming style in which the player runs and leaps constantly, frequently while firing a weapon..

BHOP which is more popular in Online Multiplayer games such as – PUBG, CSGO and Apex legends. but this tip can be easily be use in Roblox specially in shooting games like Arsenal.

Do not Stand still in the match, always get your player moving and jumping, so that you can avoid getting shots.

Bunny hopping can distract opponents off their game and allow the hopper to attack. So Make sure you BHOP everytime in the match to dodge the bullets.

Have low sensitivity

  • Having a low sensitivity in game is always better, You can make smaller, more accurate movements with lower sensitivity.
  • Lower sensitivity can assist you prevent ‘overshooting’ your target when snapping your crosshairs to an enemy.
  • Lower sensitivity smooths out the natural twitches and micro-adjustments that we all make when playing.

That was all about The Roblox Arsenal Mobile Tips and Tricks to become Pro. Follow the Points above to be Pro in Arsenal Mobile and dominate the others. Share this with your friends who are struggling to get kills on Mobile.

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