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Monster Hunter Rise PC: All Items and Materials (Location)

There are Special Items available in Monster Hunter Rise PC and ‘Materials’ is a category of Item. These are various objects that hunters can bring with them to the battlefield. The items can be obtained either by looting the environment or by carving specific monsters. Your Item Pouch is used to carry items that you get by shopping at tents or by completing quests.

Here is the complete list of the most important items, materials, and Upgrades featured in Monster Hunter Rise PC. Read this article to learn more about the usable items with the location of each type of item, materials, and Upgrades.

Account Items

An oversized oyster4Frost Islands
Bauble CactusSmall but fleshy cactus4Sandy Plains
Bismuth Prism
Bismuth ore sparkles kaleidoscopically4Iridescent Ore in the Lava Caverns
Simple Prism
Slightly clouded crystals7Clear Crystal in Flooded Forest
Divine Rhino
A sublime prize 4Shining Rhino in Flooded forest
King Rhino
Shining beetle4Flooded forest from Shining rhinos
Fabled Spice
A key Dango ingredient 4Shrine Ruins
A vermilion berry4Shrine Ruins
Gargwa Egg
An egg laid by Gargwa, high cost.4Obtained by scaring a Gargwa
Quality Wyvern Egg
Scores points4Shrine Ruins
Legendary Herb
The Key Dango Ingredient4Lava Caverns
Monster Guts
A prized dainty.
Monster innards galore
4Sandy Plains
Popo Tongue
Healthy, Popular and fun eatable.4Frost Islands
Pricey Shoot
Super shoot of high class4Shoot Patches in Shrine Ruins
A Large Oyster4Frost Islands
Rhenoplos Egg
Same as Herbivore Egg, Scores pointsSandy Plains
Sun Goddess Picture
A picture of Amaterasu4In small packages, exactly 21 are available on the map
Unique Mushroom
A little sized shroom with an unusual aroma4Mushroom Colonies in Shrine Ruins
Flame red berry. A good luck charm4Shrine Ruins


Precious light, shines brightly under the light.6Frost Lands
An ore still being studied. Yields better metals than Dragonite ore.6Lava Caverns
Sandy Plains
Frost Islands
Shrine Ruins
Flooded Forest
Ore composed of a mysterious metal; can fuse nearly any two metals together.6Sandy Plains
Lava Caverns
Flooded Forest
Firecell Stone
A magma-like deposit that only trained hands can properly work with.6Lava Caverns
A shining crystal6Flooded Forest
An ore that yields metals superior to that of machalite- rare and valuable.4Lava Caverns
Earth Crystal
Crystallized microbes which are prized as abrasive when forging weapons.4Sandy Plains
Frost Islands
Lava Caverns
Precious metal, shines bright white when the light catches it.4Frost Islands
Faintly glowing adamantine substance.4Flooded Forest
Iron ore
Ore that can be smelted into metal and can be used for many different purposes.4Sandy Plains
Frost Islands
Lava Caverns
Flooded Forest
Yields better metals than iron ore.4Lava Caverns
Flooded Forest
Sandy Plains
The heat is used to fuse materials.4Lava Caverns
Felyne Fur Ruby
A priceless ruby formed by the hardening of a Felyne hairball.2Shrine Ruins
Frost Islands
Sandy Plains


These material types are groups of materials based on a specific monster or tree and are used as a requirement when being upgraded from the Blacksmith. Here are some important upgraded monster materials.

Aknosom~Aknosom Beak
~Aknosom Crest
~Aknosom Feather
~Aknosom Scale
~Acknosom Scrap
4Aknosom(Low Rank)
Convert Low rank Aknosom Monster Material into Aknosom Material at the Smith
Aknosom+~Aknosom Crest+
~Aknosom Feather
~Aknosom Scale+
~Acknosom Scrap
6Aknosom(High Rank)
Convert High rank Monster Material into Aknosom+ Material at the Smith
Allmother+~Horn of Origin
~Scale of Originplate
6Narwa the Allmother monster material
Almudron~Almudron Claw
~Almudron Fin
~Almudron Plate
~Almudron Scale
~Almudron Shell
~Almudron Tail
~Almudron Whisker
~Almudron Scrap
~Golden Muck
4Almudron(Low/High) Rank
Almudron+ ~Almudron Claw+
~Almudron Fin+
~Almudron Scale+
~Almudron Shell+
~Almudron Whisker+
~Almudron Scrap+
~Golden Sludge
6Almudron(High rank)
Anjanath+~Anjanath Fang+
~Anjanath Gem
~Anjanath Nosebone+
~Anjanath Pelt+
~Anjanath Scale+
~Anjanath Scrap+
6Anjanath(High Rank)
Arzuros+~Arzuros Carapace
~Arzuros Pelt+
~Arzuros Scrap+

~Arzuros Brace+
6Arzuros(High Rank)
Apex Arzuros
Barioth+~Barioth Carapace
~Barioth Pelt+
~Barioth Fang+
~Barioth Claw+
~Barioth Scrap+
~Amber Fang+
6Barioth(High Rank)
Barroth+~Barroth Carapce
~Barroth Ridge+
~Barroth Claw+
~Barroth Scrap+
~Rich Mud
6Barroth(High Rank)
Basarios+~Basarios Carapace
~Basarios Peura+
~Basarios Scrap+
6Barios(High Rank)
Bazelgeuse~Bazelgeuse Carapace
~Bazelgeuse Wing
~Bazelgeuse Talon
~Bazelgeuse Tail
~Bazelgeuse Scale+
~Bazelgeuse Fuse
~Bazelgeuse Scrap+
Bishaten+~Bishaten Fur+
~Bishaten Feather
~Bishaten Horn+
~Bishaten Scrap+
~Bishaten Tallcase+
~Bishaten Talon+
6Bishaten(High Rank)
Chameleos+~Chameleos Claw+
~Chameleos Hide+
~Chameleos Spike
~Chameleos Tail
~Chameleos Scrap+

Crimson glow Valstrax+~Crimson Liquid
~Shinnering Scale
~Gleaming Shell
~Red Dragon Orb
~Rouge Spikewing
~Valstrax Tail
~Valstrax Claw+
~Valstrax Spineshell
~Valstrax Scrap+
6Crimson Glow Valstrax
Diablos+~Diablos Carapace
~Diablos Medulla
~Diablos Ridge+
~Diablos Scrap+
~Majestic Horn
~Apex Curlhorn
6Diablos(High Rank)
Apex Diablos
Gross Harag+~Block of Ice+
~Gross Harag Bile
~ Gross Harag Claw+
~Gross Harag Brace+
~Gross Harag Fur+
~Gross Harag Hide+
~Gross Harag Horn+
~Gross Harag Scrap+
6Gross Harag(High Rank)
Great Baggi+~Baggi Scale+
~Great Baggi Claw+
~Great Baggi Hide+
6Great Baggi(High Rank)
Herbivore+~Bullfango Pelt+
~High Quality Pelt
~Kestodon Carapace
~Rhenoplos Carapace
~Sloagtoth Hide+
~Rhenoplos Scrap+
~Fur Scrap+
~Slagtoth Scrap+
6Bullfango(High Rank)
Krestodon(High Rank)
Rhenoplos(High Rank)
Ibushi+~Ibushi Bluespike
~Ibushi Carapace
~Ibushi Hide+
~Ibushi Horn+
~Ibushi Claw+
~Ibushi Windsac
6Wind Serpent Ibushi
Izuchi~Great Izuchi Hide
~Great izuchi pelt
~Izuchi Pelt
~Izuchi Scrap
6Izuchi(High Rank)

Other Items

An amulet that increases defence. Just carrying this makes the skin stone hard.2Buy from Kagero the Merchant after reaching HR6 or Maido the Merchant inside the Gathering Hub.
A charm that strengthens defence. Its effects are boosted by the claws within.2Armortalon is obtained by crafting Armocharm and Ibushi Claw+
Barrel Lid

A small barrel lid. There appears to be a drawing on it.5Obtained by looting Junk Pie.
BBQ Spit

A must-have item for a hungry hunter.4BBQ Spit is permanently fixed in your item pouch.

A decorative jewel imported from a rustic place. Fetches a good price.5Occasionally sold at the Argosy via the Rare Finds list.
A large, beautifully colored flowering plant foreign to this land. 4Obtained from the Ardosy trade requests, specially from the Sunsnug Fruitfair market.
Excludes a pungent smell. Used to make dung bombs.1Shrine Ruins
Flooded forest
Frost islands
Sandy Plains
Lava Caverns
Exploding Kunai
Kunai slathered in explosive Gray seed oil. Too dangerous to keep after a quest.3Obtained by Crafting from gray Seeds.
Golden Egg
An egg of glittering gold. Incredibly valuable. Sells for a fortune.6Obtained occasionally from the Cohoot Nest.
Silver Egg
An egg of glittering silver. Rare but useless to hunters. Fetches a very good price.5Obtained from 6 stars to 7 stars quests.
A dangerous substance that explodes een struck or healed.2Gathering Spot- Junk Pie from the Frost Islands and Lava Caverns
Also obtained by crafting Fire herb and Nitoshoom.
Loc Lac Ore
A decorative jewel imported from a desert town. Fetches a good prize.5Bought from the Argosy’s Rare Finds section.
A decorative jewel imported from a hunting village. Fetches a good price.5Occasionally sold at the Argosy via the rare Finds list.
A hardy net that can support weight without breaking.2Obtained by crafting Ivy and Spider web.
Can be brought from the Argosy.
An amulet that strengthens attacks. Just carrying this gives you demonic strength.2Can be bought from Kagero the Merchant in Steelworks after reaching HR6 or Maido the Merchant inside Gathering hub.
A charm that strengthens attacks. Its effects are boosted by the claws within.6Crafted by Powercharm and Ibushi Claw+
Throwing Kunai
A standard throwing Kunai. Files straight and true. Allows for precise aiming.4Provided in your inventory.
Val Habar Quartz
A decorative jewel imported from a market of caravans. Fetches a good price.5Occasionally sold at the Argosy via the Rare Finds in High Rank.

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