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Monster Hunter Rise PC: Best Top Tier Weapons To Use (2022)

The Monster Hunter Rise Steam (PC) is finally here and with this comes a bunch of new features. Monster Hunter Rise is an action role-playing video game in the Monster Hunter series developed and produced by Capcom for the Nintendo Switch. The brand-new monsters in the new version bring in fresh thrills and excitement!

Along with this, hunters can yield 14 different weapon types. As you progress in the game, you will unlock the ability to switch out certain regular attacks and Silkbind attacks at will.

To rank out which weapon is the best is not easy as no one weapon can be titled as the ‘Best’ weapon. To use any weapon effectively you need to gain skills and expertise in it.

Here read out this article which will let you know which is the strongest and most probably the “best weapons” in the Monster Hunter Rise PC. This article enlists the weapon tier and the best weapons ranked from highest to lowest as of the latest update 3.0.

Monster Hunter Rise PC: Weapon Tier List

S Tier Weapons

The weapons are “Very Strong with High Damage Output”. These weapons can escape attacks using Foresight Slash, and are easy to expertise with the Spirit Gauge Mechanic. The Silkbind Special Sheathe can also counter-attack.

Long Sword Light Bowgun Bow

A Tier Weapons

Although these weapons are strong, they need High skills to master. They have powerful single-hit damage and access to aerial charge attacks. Power Sheathe Silkbind’s move is good for offense as well as defense.

Great Sword Sword and Shield Dual Blades
Hammer Hunting Horn Charge Blade
Insect Glaive Heavy Bowgun Gunlance
Switch Axe

B Tier Weapons

These weapons can be taken as strong but they still need improvement. They can overcome weak DPS with anchor range and can counter-attack effectively. But the other weapons can easily surpass B Tier Weapons.


The Best Weapons of Monster Hunter Rise: Ranked From Top to Bottom

1: Dual Blades

Dual Blades are undoubtedly the “most powerful” weapon types in the game. Dual Blades provide an onslaught of slices in quick succession. “Demon Mode” allows you to dance lethal rings around your enemies in exchange for stamina, which also increases the attack rates. Raising these levels unlocks Archdemon Mode, which improves the player’s stats even further. The weapon is very deadly even when Demon Mode is disabled.

The dual blades are great for fast light attacks that get up close and personal. Since Dual Blades have the shortest range of any weapon, the player is continually placing oneself in a position to hit the enemy and you can unleash a colossal amount of damage. Dual blades are all about mobility and dodging is of the utmost importance.

Silkbind attacks increase mobility via “Shrouded Vault” fast dash. Shrouded Vault is a useful move since it drives the hunter forward and allows them an additional attack if they are hit while in the air. The “Piercing Bind” attack throws an explosive Kunai, piercing the target that explodes after a certain amount of time.

2: Long Swords

The Long Sword is a powerful weapon with long-range capability. Long Swords have good reach, damage, and speed making them powerful in any situation. This weapon is all about Heavy attack combos and versatility.

Another advantage for those who can maintain their spirit level up is that these weapons can charge up for higher-damage spirit attacks, offering a lot of strength. Although it takes time to master, it can unleash some powerful moves like the spirit blade combo or special sheath combo which is deadly. Silkbind attacks like the “Soaring Kick” launch you into the air for a big downward slash while a serene pose gives you a powerful counter.

3: Light Bowgun

This weapon excels in long-range combat and fulfills a variety of roles, from rapid-fire barraging to inflicting status ailments based on the type of ammo used.

It is simple to use and offers more mobility than the heavy bow gun. Light Bowguns may not have the range of bows, but they have a far faster rate of fire. Light Bowguns, with a variety of ammo types, can wreak havoc on the battlefield and are ideal for both co-op and solo play. Due to its rapid firing rate and ability to battle in close range, this weapon ranks high.

This rapid-fire capability has the drawback of the possibility of running out of ammo. This isn’t necessarily a problem if players aim carefully and go into combat with plenty of ammo, but it is a problem that bow users don’t have to face.

4: Bow

The Bow is built for ranged attacks with high versatility and unlimited ammo.
Fires Arc Shots to cover for allies or Power Shots that hit hard. Players who use Bows can charge arrows for powerful shots, or take potshots at the enemy while escaping attacks. Coatings can be applied to inflict elemental attacks or status effects. The Bows has the highest DPS in longer fights.

The only reason it has a low rank is because of its close-quarters fighting limitations. Since the Bow is designed for mid-range use, the player must continually jockey for better positions, which may be tough while hunting solo. It also lacks the power of stronger weapons, making it difficult to deal with armored enemies.

5: Charge Blade

Charge Blade is a weapon that is both sword and axe. Like the Switch Axe, they can transform between a sword and shield mode to an axe mode. The sword and shield mode gives the player greater mobility and good defense, while the axe mode delivers smashing blows within a long reach. Charge it up in sword mode, then combine sword and shield into an axe and unleash the energy as a devastating attack.

Charge Blades rank over Switch Axes because when the player fights with the sword and shield, they set up charges in the weapon. When the player switches, the charge is unleashed causing an explosion. It can prove a deadly weapon for those who master the combinations and fight the flow.

6: Great Sword

Great Swords are massive blades that cleave in a wide arc with terrifying might, and can even be used to guard in a pinch. The power of a full Charged Slash is disastrous. With their long-range and high damage, these weapons are useful for bringing down huge enemies. It’s ideal for players who want to get the most out of their hits.

The Great Swords are extremely hefty which restricts their mobility and that is the only disadvantage of this weapon. Players have to rely on perfectly timed dodges and a little tanking because of the poor blocking strength of this massive weapon.

7: Heavy Bowgun

A powerful weapon is as heavy on firepower as it is in the hand. This long-range weapon can impose serious damage to the opponent creating total havoc on the battlefield. According to the player’s need, the weapon can be modified slightly. It can even be loaded with Wyvernheart or Wyvernsnipe ammo depending on the situation.

The only shortcoming of this hefty weapon is that it severely limits the player’s movement and can put them in danger. Defeating the enemy with this weapon when the opponent arrives close is not easy due to the restricted movements. Nonetheless, the weapon is fantastic in co-op, and highly deadly while hunting alone.

8: Switch Axes

Switch Axes can transform from an axe to a sword at any time. The Axe Mode gives players great fluid mobility and hefty single hits. While the Sword Mode is better for quick strikes. Also, Phial effects activated by the sword persist in axe form.

This power to switch between the modes makes these weapons popular with players who don’t like to trade out their weapons often. The players will normally fight in axe mode and only switch to sword mode when an opportunity for an elemental strike arises. The weapon ranks low because it is difficult to master in this weapon, and many players forget to switch modes during the battle.

9: Insect Glaives

Insect Glaives are a unique and interesting type of weapon. They allow the player a lot of fighting mobility. Command insects called Kinsects can be deployed to absorb essence from your prey for mid-fight boosts, and buff yourself.

This weapon can be a lot of fun sometimes: Vault into the air, kick your foes, and attack from all angles while airborne. But this weapon requires high skills to master and sometimes it is not easy. It requires lots of practice and lots of strikes to destroy the enemy.

10: Gunlance

This weapon is a sturdy lance affixed with a cannon capable of great damage and defensive play. The lance’s purpose is to keep the enemy at bay by blocking and doing damage at a distance. The weapon fires a strong shotgun blast that injures the adversary at close range.

Due to very restricted mobility, this weapon ranks low on the list. The player needs to get up close with the gun blasts to get the full effect, which might be risk-taking in some circumstances.

This was all about the Best Weapons Of Monster Hunt Rise. In the new version, players can traverse each map like never before with new tools for mobility and exploration. Silkbind attacks for each weapon provide hunters with even more special powers and capabilities in battle than before.

Experience hunting actions with all barriers removed in seamless, open locales. Boost yourself for a hunting experience unlike anything before with Monster Hunter Rise!

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