How to Claim Free 10$ Coupon on Epic Games by Subscribing to its Emails

The Epic Games Connect and Save are back now, for those who were waiting for the best moment to get a mid-range discount of 10$ can get all your favorite games for a discounted price.

Along with Connect and save, Epic Games New Year Lunar Sale is also happening. This Sale in Epic games is somewhat different from the old sales that happened before. You will be getting a double bonus which will save your money up to 75%.

Here we will only show you how can you redeem this Epic games 10$ coupon code with the connect and save where you will be needed to subscribe to their promotional emails and that will be quick.

Epic Games Free 10$ Coupon

Connect and Save is back for a short time, so if you sign up for their emails and alerts by February 27, 2022, you’ll be rewarded.

The Coupon Code can be used on any game and will save you $10 off the regular price. This $10 discount code can be used on any game in the Epic Games shop.

  • Start Date: 27 January 2022
  • Expire Date: 27 February 2022
  • Can use : Only 1 time (Limited)

How to Get the 10$ Coupon with Connect and Save?

To Get the 10$ Coupon, you will be needed to Subscribe to the official Epic Games To obtain the $10 coupon, you must first subscribe to the official Epic Games Newsletter, after which you will receive the code by email at the address you provided on your Epic Games profile.

epic games 10 coupon
  1. Open Epic Games
  2. Go to Settings -> Communication
  3. Tick the Email Subscribe Button
  4. After Waiting, Check Email for Coupon

Keep in mind that the Copoun code may only be used once and cannot be used indefinitely, as it could previously. As a result, you must consider just doing this on a certain game, which you must do.

Due to the fact that you are already participating in the New Year Lunar Sale, you will receive double rewards. The promo code is only available for a short time and will remain active after the Lunar event has ended. As a result, rather than keeping it for later, you should spend it today.

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