COD MW II Servers Down? Use Checker Tool for Server Status

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Modern Warfare II Beta is out and rolling for pre-ordered players however since this is not a stable release you might be facing problems with servers. The main game which releases next month is already here to woo fans with its beta early access. At times this could be confusing to deal with due to the beta server being temporarily down. Keep reading this article to know more about the server status and some possible fixes to the current outage scenario.

Are MW2 servers down?

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Modern Warfare II Beta Early Access

Yes, Beta servers across all platforms are down at the time of writing this article. The maintenance period is not expected to last long as the second session for the Beta Early Access goes live tomorrow 22nd September. Xbox and PC users can log in to their preordered units at this time while Playstation users who already had access in the first session can join in too. For more info about the dates and access period of Beta, you can check out our other articles for Modern Warfare II which will be pinned down below this article.  

You can visit to check the server status of all games in the CoD series. The status for every active title is listed with the current issues if any along with the affected platform. There are various servers and information on each is updated regularly by the Support team. Do not forget for any loose ends from your connection either. So try resetting your network connection or choose appropriate settings on your platform.

Checker Tool to Server Status

If you still seem to face issues connecting to the MW2 Beta servers and can’t look for an official update, try checking the Downdetector status page or PSN network status to check with others facing the same issues.

Alternatively, you can follow the social media for several Call of Duty Channels, some even region specific. You can also check the Twitter handle of Infinity Ward since they are the main developer for Modern Warfare II. Players can also try and contact the Activision Support page to bring the issue to their notice and wait until it gets resolved from their end. The links to all including the Activision support page will be pinned down below and you can visit those pages for more information.

Call of Duty Twitter
Activision Support
Modern Warfare II Beta Official
Infinity Ward Twitter
Activision Online Services

That’s all there is to know about MW2 Beta server status. We endeavor our best to update this article as more information surfaces until then keep following our website and check out other articles for gaming and tech.

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