Cod Warzone 2.0 Faces Heavy Criticism By Gamers After Launch

Call of Duty is a huge video game franchise with a total of 19 titles in the main series. COD Warzone 2.0 which was a newly released game of the COD franchise that came out on 16th November 2022 was a much-awaited game of 2022.

Initially, the game had positive responses, but now it is facing heavy criticism from gamers. The steam page for COD Warzone has a huge number of negative comments, almost twice number the of positive comments.

COD warzone 2.0 image
COD warzone 2.0 image via Steam

Cod Warzone 2.0 Steam Review By Gamers

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is a free-to-play game with modes like Battle Royale and the newly added DMZ. The game features a huge map of Al-Mazrah city. The map has a lot to offer including varied landscapes, AI combatants and loot stashes with a variety of guns, mods and other in-game items.

But the game started facing a lot of criticism not long after the game was released. The game is mostly being criticized because of consequent crashes faced by players during gameplay. Players also complain about the game being too buggy and having a very bad user experience.

COD warzone comments steam 1
COD warzone 2.0 steam comments
COD warzone comments steam 2

Some players feel that it’s fine since the game is free to play and can appreciate the game even after it has so many errors or crashes. But a majority of players have extreme feelings for the game on the negative side, which is also understandable because it is really annoying when your favourite game is not very playable.

COD warzone comments steam 3

Well, hate comes from love too. Players all around the globe were excited about the game, but not getting what they wanted, caused this backlash, since there were a lot of expectations from the game. Let’s hope the Devs will do something soon and gamers will be able to enjoy their favourite game without having bad gaming experiences.

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