Destiny 2 Twitter Account gives us new information about The Witch Queen.

With the release of the Destiny 2 expansion nearing, players are eager to get their hands on any information they can. The Hive does play a significant role in the game. Being an exciting alien race, probably due to its history and legends, this also holds when we can see players have had quite a bit of anticipation for Savathuns moment.

We learn Savathuns story through the Books of Sorrow, where we learn her story starts in Osmium Court. Savathun and her two sisters had different names then and had recently lost their father.

Their story continues as they pledged their allegiance to their worm gods, where they promised to save their race and essentially stop a catastrophe called the Syzygy from happening.

Users from the raid secret subreddit recently noticed that the official Twitter page for destiny 2 kept changing its bio to bits that were like “/////There is nothing but deep ocean above,” later adding in “/////It’s time to be honest with yourself: You lost.” These terms don’t mean much on their own, but they tend to make more sense when you but them in Destiny 2 lore books. It would essentially refer to Bungie teasing The Witch Queen expansion and Hive lore.

The bio has changed two times so far, which means that we are likely seeing more information in the days leading up to the expansion’s launch. So far, we can assume that the first phrase might be referring to the ocean of Fundament, which is where the Worm God’s were imprisoned, which would seem likely since we saw it in the promotional material for The Witch Queen, which showed three worm god’s emerging from the ocean.

The second might be referring to Savathun stealing the Light, which is something players will have to deal with in the season of the Risen. More updates to the Twitter bio could explain more, so it’s something worth keeping an eye out for in the coming days.

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