Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness trailer breakdown and details you missed

Marvel’s latest trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has given us quite a bit to speculate. Here’s what we have been able to deduce.

Marvel’s latest trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has given us quite a bit to speculate at. Here’s what we have been able to deduce. I’ve looked into both the TV version of the trailer and the posters to give you this in-depth analysis.

So the trailer opens up with a strange’s nightmare, which seems to be a hellish landscape covered in bones and skulls and a grim-looking sanctum sanctorum. It should be noted that this isn’t really how we saw the sanctum sanctorum last as this is one story higher and narrower than how we saw it last on no way home.

And something many might miss is that on the left, there is a glowing red eye reminding us of the red edges of Wanda maximoff’s hex reality in Wanda Vision, this whole nightmare could be being projected into a strange mind by the scarlet witch.

Blue vs Red seems to be an important point of contrast in the movie as we can see strange has been shifted from his normal red tones to blue tones along with a lot of other contexts to signal passivity which all seem to contrast Wanda Maximoffs red chaos.

As strange enters the sanctum he is greeted with an empty staircase that seems to go up. What one might miss here is at the base of the staircase where there seem to be 2 statues which is one male and another female, both bearing torches which might represent the Maximoff twins.

In the next scene a teacup shatters and behind we seem to see a the wheel of an old wheelchair. It doesn’t seem to be the wheel from Mr.X, but I would presume a lot is going to change for whatever cameos show up in this film.

Then we see America Chavez gets strung up in front of a star portal which if you look at it closely opens up to endless more star portals within that portal, we might be seeing the origins of her powers since this is her best-known power to kick open star-shaped portals.

And in the next scene, we see a demonic-looking creature trying to attack America Chavez this might be due to its ribbony appearance does look like stranges spell the crimson bands of citrac which he used to restrain Thanos in infinity war which could mean this is citrac himself, the TV shot did show an alternate defender doctor strange with his hair tied back in a ponytail with strips saving America Chavez from the monster.

This then shows us the shot of our doctor strange waking up in his bed but is this our strange because you can see that his hands are fully healed whereas in old movies his hands were to be forever scarred and weak, there’s an Ipad left open on his bed coffee filters into test tubes on his nightstand, strange said in the trailer that he has the same nightmare every night with the sanctum and his alternate self saving a kid and then the nightmare begins.

So the nightmare might be this reality where he wakes up into a reality where he never became a sorcerer, he never injured his hands, and just became another older man. As strange says then the nightmare begins we should be open to the possibility that the demonic entity nightmare could be the film’s villain as this was something they were toying with.

On the poster for the movie, we can also see that in the lower right corner one broken shard of glass shows the shield of captain carter hunting that Haley Atwell might show up. So strange says that he did what he had to do to protect “our” world as in his action saved his universe at the expense of all other universes as he uses his stone to give his universe an unfair advantage to undo thanos’s snap and also how he used his magic of the runes of cough call recently.

In the next clip, we can presume that it is the scarlet witch attacking the kamertage because, in the TV version, we can see people raise their shield to something floating in the courtyard, it is safe to assume that this is Wanda.

In the next scene, we can see strange guided through a supreme court hall of justice, the entire interior of the building is actually the interior of the British Museum in London, this also might be the Illuminati HQ that we might get to see.

And a very big reveal we can see in the next scene is of Patrick Stewart, professor Charles Xavier who was in the fox X-men films now in the marvel universe, as a member of what is almost certain to be the Illuminati, this Illuminati is of a secret alliance between Tony Stark, Charles Xavier, Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, and Namor, but here the MCU seems to be serving as a multiversal governing body with representatives from across universes.

Now we can see 6 chairs there with 2 people seated and 1 with a cane. This could be Charles who might have gained is the ability to walk, on the left we see a figure wearing a form-fitting suit that looks like a black panther we can’t really tell, the rest we genuinely would just be randomly guessing.

And on the next clip, it does look like Wanda will invade the Illuminati and have a brawl with someone who looks like they are going binary. A lot more can be seen that seems to point towards this being wanda trying to find her children, and essentially a brawl between strange and Wanda.

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