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Elden Rings All Armour Sets Known Till Now

Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s latest action role-playing game but what makes this game different from other Souls-like games is that Elden Ring is an open-world game which is undoubtedly making players excited to play the game.

Anyone who has played a FromSoftware game knows the importance of exploration in the games as each corner has something new for the players. With an entire world to explore the players are sure to find some amazing loot. Today we’ll take a look at one of the most exciting things you can find in the game, armor sets.

So here is a list of every armour set we know of so far.

  • Bloody Wolf Set – One of the most commonly seen builds youll see in network testing gameplay, it is a medium weight armour set that you can find very early in the game.
  • Carion Knight Set – This armour set was once worn by the enchanted knights of the Carion family. The set comes with good protection against magical damage and physical damage. and is medium weight.
  • Champion Set – An armour set for the bravest out of badlands, the set provides great resistance to negative statuses and is light weight.
  • Crucible Set – Armor of one of sixteen ancient knights who served Godfrey, this armour set is great for strength based as it is very heavy in nature but provides great resistance to magical and physical damage.
  • Prophet Set – Robes of exiled prophets, this armour set is great for intelligence build and is very light weight.
  • Raya Lucarian Set –  Robe worn by Raya Lucaria’s magic scholars, this set is great at providing resitance to any negative effects and is light weight. This is one of the best known sets for intelligence builds.
  • Swordsman Set – It is light weighted armour that is overall decent with no specialisation to speak of.
  • Land of Reeds Set – The staring armour set of the samurai class which is medium in weight and provides decent resistance to physical and magical damage but is great against negative effects.
  • Chainmail Set – The chainmail set can be bought very early from a merchant, it is a medium weight set with high defence against strikes and pierce damage.
  • Astrologer Set – The staring set of the astroler class in the game, this set is great against magic damage and is very light weighted.

These are all the complete armour set to speak of as of now but we are sure the world of Elden Ring would be filled with plenty of more surprises.

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