Epic Games Cabined Accounts Safety Measure For Young Gamers

Epic games is a major American game developer, publisher, and distributor company. Epic games host millions of games in Its store. There’s a huge probability that even you have an account on Epic games.

To access Epic Games Store and services you need an Epic account. Epic Games has now announced a new account type, Cabined Account, for gamers under the age of 13. A Cabined account was introduced concerning privacy laws and the safety of young gamers.

Cabined accounts

  • If your age is under 13 your account will be a Cabined account.
  • You will have to provide your parent’s or guardian’s email address so that they can give you consent for the gaming services.
  • Many features that are available in a regular account will be disabled and you can only access those if allowed under Parental control.

Disabled features

The following features are disabled in a Cabined account.

  • Communication with other players using voice chat or free text chat
  • In-game or store purchases with real money
  • Downloading games that are not owned by Epic
  • Recommendations based on past activity
  • Email marketing or push notifications
  • Trades in Rocket League
  • Sign in with Epic, including linking accounts to certain external services, such as social media websites or video streaming applications
  • Custom display names
  • SMS-based two-factor authentication

Epic Games also mentions that while the parental consent process is not complete in a Cabined Account, younger players or developers using the Epic Games Store Launcher can view and access their library, but will not be able to get new games or access certain Unreal Engine features.

Epic games store image

In certain countries, privacy laws may require a parent or guardian to provide permission for them to access certain features of games or services that collect personal information. Thus if you are under the age of Digital consent in your country or region, you cannot access certain features unless agreed by your parents or your guardians.


If you are facing issues like not being able to add money to your Epic Games account, your voice chats not working, a change in your display name or being unable to link to social media sites or video streaming sites, then your account is probably of Cabined type. For Complete details about FAQs related to Cabined account types click here.

That was all about the Cabined account introduced by Epic Games. This method will help prevent unnecessary actions and activities that children can perform or prevent getting access to content not appropriate for them.

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