Everything about E4M GameOn Online Gaming Summit 2022

The E4m GameOn Summit seeks to bring together all the brightest and most prominent members of the online gaming business on a single platform to address the difficulties and possibilities in the E-Sports / Online gaming sector, including entertainment, commercialization, creativity, trends, technology, and more.

At the inaugural edition of the summit, everyone from stakeholders to brands, industry experts to league owners, publishers to agencies, investors to influencers, team owners, gaming businesses, platforms, and talent will increase their experience.

India’s online gaming business has proliferated and established a solid reputation in the industry. The proliferation of inexpensive smartphones, high-speed internet, and lowering data rates have been the innovation in the introduction for this rapid expansion.

The ever-growing user base has given the gaming environment in India a whole new push. Both Fantasy and E-sports have grown in India, resulting in comparable increases in game development firms and income.

About E4M GameOn Summit:

The organization acknowledges and celebrates the gaming industry’s growth and advances, as well as the people that drive it. The recent news has announced the second edition of the e4m GameOn-Online Gaming Conference to examine the gaming industry further. The event will take place on March 11th and be themed ‘The next level of online gaming in India.’

The Summit delves into the gaming firm’s fast-rising income sources, growth regulators, shifting trends, and how advertisers may embrace the chance to target customers.

Lists Of Speakers:

  • Kevin R. Soltani, CEO, GIMA Group, Inc., USA
  • Pia Schörner, Head of Gaming & Sponsoring, BMW Group (Germany)
  • Michael Heina, International Sector Director, Esports and Gaming, YouGov (USA)
  • Shreya Sachdev Head – Marketing, PUMA (India)
  • Marcus Howard, Author, ‘INNOVATE: Gaming & Esports’ & Member, Blockchain Game Alliance (USA)
  • Sonali Malaviya, Managing Director, Essence India
  • Jacob Shrader, GM of Esports at ZenSports (USA)
  • Roland Landers, President, All India Gaming Federation (India)
  • Vinit Karnik, Head – Sports, Esports and Entertainment GroupM South Asia (India)
  • Anurag Khurana, CEO and Founder, Newgen Gaming (India)

Why to Participate?

Not only for those personally involved but also for the A&M sector as a whole, the developing field provides a plethora of options. Prominent businesses from Fastrack to KFC to Jio are all engaging in and marketing games, competitions, and more in the gaming arena.

Including over 400 million gaming enthusiasts in India alone, and intentions by the government to extend the nation’s digital infrastructure as well as build 5G technologies across hyperlocal regions, the prospects of this emerging business have never looked stronger.

The e4m-ESP Report on the Indian Online Gaming Landscape 2022 will also be released at the Summit. The GameOn Summit, which is unique in its kind, welcomes everyone to join the discourse and enhance your games.

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