GTA 6 leak graphics look so bad after a decade of development?

Recently in an unfortunate incident at Rockstar Games, leaked clips of the next edition of the Grand Theft Auto series have surfaced online and have been spreading like wildfire ever since. The upcoming ever anticipated GTA 6 is making all the buzz in the gaming community since the illegitimate leaks on the 18th of September. Even after being in development for over a decade and already at a gap of 9 years with its predecessor GTA V, which is also the longest two games in the series have been, the graphics and designs have failed to impress fans across the world.

So, the question which kept boggling us for the past few days is whether the game is heavily underdeveloped or should we expect another couple of years before hearing any significant news from Rockstar about the game’s release date. It’s pretty unusual for development footage of a AAA game to come out unprecedentedly. Hyped fans, who have been starving for updates on the sequel, have already raised their brows about how unfinished the overall scenario looks. But there’s really nothing to gain from this early footages of GTA 6.

GTA 6 leaks

Instead of getting introduced to the next-gen world of GTA 6 with an immaculate trailer, fans have now seen the horrors of what looks like an unfinished work through a series of animation clips from an early build. This in no way would affect the game’s actual release it puts gross pressure on the developers for its eventual release. The important thing to think about is that these 90+ clips are from very early stages of development, so basically these are worthless as they don’t paint the complete picture which will have a lot more elements than just this. The company has talked earlier about the leaks being real but they are still very much in debug phase (Or the prototype version of the game).

Should we be worried?

There are a lot of years of work put into the making of this much-awaited title and developers may definitely not fail to deliver up to the expectations. Besides a lot of other factors are into consideration like game mechanics, platform configurations, and environment building before they are & animations along with other graphical work are put into place.  

In recent news, the FBI has taken it under their jurisdiction to investigate what is known as the mother of all leaks, this cybercrime, and get to the bottom of this data theft. FBI also had involvement in the Half-Life leaks a few years back.

The leak saga may not be over just yet since the situation with the pandemic hasn’t gotten a lot better and the leakers are not satisfied with the mass damage done already.

This incident is indeed a big blow not just to Rockstar but to the entire gaming industry and cases of piracy and data leaks are on the rise. For more coverage and updates on GTA 6 follow our website and check out other articles too.

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