GTA 6 Leaks, Map Design and things you should know about.

A few days back, Rockstar Games officially told us that development for the next instalment in the Grand theft auto series was “Well underway” this announcement was something die-hard fans had been waiting for more than a decade. As a result, the tweet got more likes than the Avengers: Endgame trailer.

Now let’s start talking about what we know. Rockstar hasn’t given us much information regarding it. Still, experts predict the game will launch around 2024 to 2025 as we know Rockstar loves taking time developing their games and seeing how they would like to avoid a Cyberpunk 2077 kind of disaster.

Coming to rumors about GTA 6’s location, a user named @kirstycloud tweeted this image.

This was seen in The Lil’ Probe’Inn. The image contains a house. This house didn’t seem to appear in any of the games from the GTA trilogy. As of now, no one seems to know the origins of the house or why Rockstar put it there, and this, coupled with the fact that they just announced the development of GTA 6, has sparked many speculative theories.

Previous rumours have suggested that GTA 6 might go back to a Miami-inspired setting, and this is when GTA forums user igrobar tracked down a very similar-looking house just north of Miami.

Many users seem convinced that the new game will occur in a Miami-inspired setting. Rockstar is infamous for adding building-inspired, buy real-life ones in their games. It has been a rumour that the new game’s stage might be in a modern-day recreation of Miami for quite some time.

Another story suggests that GTA 6 will occur across three countries loosely based around the USA, Miami, and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Players will be able to fly between them as part of the story.

IGN tried contacting Rockstar about the rumour but sadly did not respond. Rumour also has it that there will be some impressive NPC tech and that Dr Dre will be producing music for the game. The rumours on the plot indicate that it will be inspired by the Netflix series Narcos. All of this does seem to check out with the rumoured locations.

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