Rockstar Games (Actually) Confirms Development of GTA 6 – Everything We Know So Far

Ladies and Gentlemen, the day is finally here. The day we’ve all been waiting for. The day when Rockstar Games finally announces Grand Theft Auto 6, and yes, it is real this time. On their latest Grand Theft Auto Community Update, Rockstar finally addressed the age-old queries regarding when the new GTA will be coming, and while talking about what’s next for the series, they confirmed that active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series has not only been in progress but is “well underway“.

This is brilliant news for all of us GTA fans, who had been waiting for Rockstar to acknowledge the existence of GTA 6 for a long long time. Since their last entry, GTA 5 was a massive hit and a genre-defining experience, the hype for what Rockstar will do with their latest game is off the charts.

Especially so, because GTA 5 was released back in 2013, and now, almost a year later, we finally have confirmation, that Rockstar’s flagship series, is finally getting the much speculated and awaited new entry.

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So when can we Expect to see more of GTA 6?

Rockstar Games

Rockstar has been known to be cryptic about their new projects, especially so when the scope of a game is this huge, so it was too much to expect any details on the release date, or when we can see a trailer of this massive new game they just announced.

All they wrote in their blog was that “We look forward to sharing more as soon as we are ready, so please stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for official details”.

Comparing this with their past projects, However, the game releases roughly two to three years later from their first announcement, so a wise guess would be that we’ll be playing GTA6 by 2024, and obviously having a blast of a time might we add.

Regarding gameplay and story reveal trailers, however, Rockstar makes sure they’re riding on the maximum level of hype possible before their title releases. With a number of Gaming conferences like E3, State of Play, and GDC coming up, Rockstar could just show us our first-ever look into the world of Grand Theft Auto 6. Fingers Crossed.

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