Harry Potter Magic Awakened: Release, Early Access & More

After Harry Potter- Hogwarts Mystery, this is the next mobile platform game developed by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and Netease games. This game involves elements of MMO & RPG, which gives an amazing experience through immersive card battling.

Starting from PvE (Player versus Environment) upto PVP (Player versus Player), you could enjoy online in 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 battle.

Release Date and Early Access

Harry Potter: Magic awakened has not yet been released globally until now. For now, you could just activate the ‘Pre-register’ button and wait for ‘Early access’ and a chance for the advantage of in-game rewards.


Quidditch sport_harryPotterMagicAwakened
Quidditch sport in the game

Coming to the features of the game, the exciting broom flight ability through which the players could enjoy the fireworks show around Hogwarts. Skilling-up through Quiditch training would help the players in honing the broom flight skill and using it at this sport.

Class of magic

Skill upgrade in the game

Attending the classes would greatly help the player learn new spells of magic and make a collection of whole set of magical cards, make magical potions, upgrade magical power and many more.

Modes to play

Duel-battle in the duelling hall would test out the strategy, positioning of your avatar and team coordination.

Duel battle

You could also solve mysteries in the ‘Forbidden forest’ by following the clues, defeating their monsters & dragons.

Against monsters & dragons

‘Book with no name’ is one of the modes of play, which could be able to relive your favourite magical moments from Harry Potter stories.

Playing as Harry Potter

There is one of the modes to test your rhythm & coordination i.e. ‘The Ball’, where you would have to invite fellow student to the platform for dance.

Ball Dance_harryPotterMagicAwakened
Ball dance in the game

The House Cup as you already figured out by the term is the battle of the houses. So, bring glory for your house by competing against the other champions and rise on the leader board.

Play this game solo or team up and dive into the PVE, PVP/co-op battle, customize your avatar by collecting items. Enjoy this MMO RPG, card battle game and live the magical moment.

Interface of the game

You could also watch the videos from the Youtube channels for refreshing up.

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