Is the Gundam Evolution server down? Check Gundam Evolution Server Status


In today’s article, we’re gonna talk about the current server status of Gundam Evolution and possible fixes in case of errors. Gundam Evolution is the new FPS by Bandai Namco which features the popular Gundam mech units for gamers to fight with. At times this could be a lot confusing since it’s a free-to-play game.

Error Code 503

Since this is an online multiplayer the server is bound to face connectivity issues and lags due to problems with its servers. Also, this game has just been released a few hours ago as of writing this article it’s speculated that all of its servers may not be active as of yet.

After a few updates and fixes, the game would be up and running with a stable version for all platforms. So, to answer your question, Yes! the server is down and it’s well under maintenance. So, if you see the error code 503, the game servers are under maintenance.

Gundam units
Gundam Evolution Units

How to check the Server Status?

Gundam Evolution is an Online Multiplayer game. As of now, the game is expected to suffer the same problems as many online games in their initial release phase whose Servers go down for maintenance at regular intervals. Usually, this occurs due to some error or some Maintenance Breaks. They could also occur from time to time for either check-ups or due to a major issue regarding the smooth running of the game.

You can visit the Official Website for help to check the Server Status of Gundam Evolution servers. Although the game doesn’t quite have a dedicated Server Status website as of yet. If you are a PC player, you always have the option to check the game status on Steam. Similarly, console players will have to check the Server status on their respective platforms depending on their Server location.

We hope this guide was worth your time and helpful. Do check out our other guides for more updates about Gundam Evolution and other games.

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