Lewdle Word Today – What’s the Solution for Today’s Lewdle ?


Are you one of those people who are getting tired of playing wordle? Well we might have an alternative for you Lewdle is a game very similar to wordle but a major difference is the words featured in both the games. While wordle is a very family-friendly game, well Lewdle is the complete opposite.

Basically, Lewdle features explicit and rude words instead of any random words and it seems many players are intrigued by this concept as Lewdle has started to gain massive popularity amongst the youth in the last few weeks.

What is Today Lewdle Answer?

The Lewdle Today answer for April 21, 2022, is BROJOB. A new word is generated every day so make sure you keep on checking this guide for your daily answers.

Rules of Lewdle

Here are the rules you need to know in order to start playing Lewdle –

How To Play Lewdle for Beginners?

To play Lewdle you simply have to go to the Lewdle site where you will be explained the rules and you can start playing the game straight away. The words featured in the game can be very vulgar and offensive so if you are easily offended it might not be a good idea to give this game a shot.

List of Lewdle Today Answers So Far

As mentioned before Lewdle has really blown up in the past few weeks and players all around the world are participating in the game. Obviously one of the reasons Lewdle is getting so much attention is due to the massive rise in popularity of Wordle which has become very mainstream and a massive 2.7 million players are playing it globally. Since Lewdle is an edgy alternative to Wordle many players who play Wordle are giving Lewdle a shot and are loving the game. We are sure that in the coming few months Lewdle would keep on growing its community and bring many new players in daily.

Lewdle Tips and Tricks

If you find yourself not being able to guess the words that Lewdle presents, here are some tips and suggestions that you might want to implement when guessing the answer –

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