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Lost Ark after its US release is Being Review Bombed

Lost Ark is the hottest free-to-play game in the market right now. A player can band with other players and team up to complete challenges. This action game is enchanting gamers all over the world and players are maxing out their character levels.

After Lost Ark was officially released in the US people were generally happy but people don’t seem to be too happy about the queues and this has led to it being Review Bombed.

Initially released in South Korea in 2019, the game has gained popularity in a number of different countries from Russia to Japan. With its release upcoming in the US, amazon seemed to underestimate the amount of traction the game would gain.

The players that purchased the founder’s pack got to play the game ahead of launch, it was the free-to-play version of Lost Ark servers are the one which has had multiple different issues and that led to angry players Review Bombing the game.

The reviews have gotten to the point where it now stands at a mixed from an “overwhelmingly positive” in just a span of 2 days. This sparked a debate on Reddit on whether it would be fair to give the game a negative review if only the server was trash.

Users then argued that it was something they should have thought of before releasing the game and it was absolutely right that the game is Review Bombed. This topic is up for debate but what we do know is that the developers and publishers have stated that they are looking into the issue and are hoping to find a fix soon.

Till then we know that players aren’t really getting in the hours they hoped to put into the game. Time shall tell if the game’s reviews will continue to the tank or not.

Have you tried getting on the servers for yourself? let me know.

Written by
Mansur Jurabi

Mansur is part time gamer and part time chicken nugget enthusiast. He loves putting in his time in RPG's like Skyrim. He claims that he gets all of his energy and inspiration from one man and one man only. He is linked below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

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