Pokimane announces Tesla Giveaway, Re-signs with Twitch

This came after she announced that her contract with twitch would end on the 31st of January. She further teased her community by suggesting a next chapter was coming and that she might have to choose between a red or purple car, the colours reflecting YouTube Gaming and Twitch, respectively.

The speculation finally ended today when she took to Twitter and announced that she would stay on the platform. We still don’t know precisely how much youtube and Facebook gaming were willing to pay her, assuming they did have an offer for her.

To celebrate her new decision, she will be giving away a brand new Tesla Model 3 to one lucky winner. She later gave insight into her decision on her stream where she stated, “There’s no community like the Twitch community,”.

She also criticized youtube’s lack of community and sub-par chat functions. She also stated she started streaming on twitch at the age of 17, and as a result, it would be difficult for her to walk away from the platform.

Tesla Model 3

The giveaway is for the Tesla Model 3 will be with the taxes paid, which should roughly put the car’s value at about $116k, which is about 86.8 lakh rupees. She later stated that she would announce updates on the giveaway in the coming days. Pokimane currently has 9 million twitch followers and almost 7 million YouTube subscribers.

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