Roblox My Little Pony Event: Get Free Sparky Shoulder Pet Right Now

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My Little Pony is a For All Ages Genre game in Roblox from My Little Pony, in collaboration with Hasbro. The TV Show that inspires this game is My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, available on Netflix.

Currently, there is an event in the game, which asks players to visit Maretime Bay. You have to play the game as it is, the event is in-game so no plugs or external links are required.

Sparky is a Shoulder Accessory available in the game. This article will discuss getting the Free Sparky Shoulder Pet in My Little Pony. For more such game guides, visit our Guides Tab.

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Source: Roblox

Getting Sparky Shoulder Pet

  • The first step is to customize your pony. If you have already done that, skip this step
  • You need to find 3 crystals scattered across the map in the event.
  • The first one is found at an enclosure just close to the Spawn location. Just go left from the spawn and take two rights consecutively. You will see the enclosure while going this way. Here is an image for reference.
Screenshot 86
Source: Roblox
  • The next crystal is at a park not far from the enclosure. Just take 2 rights while facing the entrance of the section, and keep going until you find the park on the right. Here is an image for reference. The crystal would be on the top right side of the park from this angle.
Screenshot 89
Source: Roblox
  • The 3rd and final crystal are found near the bottommost pony, Hitch, on the left bar on the screen. Click on him and you will find the crystal near him inside the park. It is inside of a cave on the left side of the park near Hitch. You have to jump over a big log on your pathway, so be aware of it near the left side. Here is a screenshot for reference.
Screenshot 90
Source: Roblox

After collecting all 3 crystals, the Sparky Shoulder Pet will be instantly added to your Inventory. You can check it out after collecting the last crystal.

This was how to get the Sparky Shoulder Pet in My Little Pony on Roblox. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with topics related to gaming, tech, and more.

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