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T3 Arena finally released an Overwatch-style 3v3 mobile shooter

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T3 Arena has finally released on 17th March 2022, the game had garnered the attention of many mobile players a few months before its release with thousands of players pre-registering for the game before the release. The game is only available on Android devices right now with the developers saying the IOS version is still under work and will be released soon.

What is T3 Arena

T3 Arena seems clearly inspired by Blizzard’s massively popular shooter released in 2016 called Overwatch, both being character-based shooters with fast-paced combat and a focus on teamwork. Even the menus and the feel of the game, in general, will also feel familiar to any Overwatch player.

What makes T3 Arena different is it focuses only on 3v3 game modes instead of 5v5 in overwatch and T3 Arena is purely for mobile devices. T3 is also not a first-person shooter and instead uses the third-person approach. Not many significant games like T3 Arena are available to mobile players so players were excited to see what the game had to offer. The game currently has 14 champions for players to choose from.

t3 arena gameplay

T3 Arena launched with 6 game modes for the players to experience, these are –

  • Team Deathmatch – The game will feature a basic 3v3 TDM mode, where first team to get 20 kills would win.
  • Free For All – You can also go solo in the Free for All mode where 6 players have to play and reach 12 kills first.
  • Payload– Very similar to that of Overwatch, attackers push the payload where as defends stop attackers from pushing and defend the payload.
  • Payload Race– Both teams are attackers and defenders at the same time, the teams fight over the payload to push it to the final line before the other team.
  • Control– Teams fight over control points on the map with the outcome of the game decided when a team reaches 100% on the control meter to win the game.
  • Crystal Assault – Both teams have a crystal that they have to protect, a team wins when a team’s crystal is destroyers.

So is it worth playing?

Many players are still wondering whether the game is worth investing their time into or not, but we are happy to tell you that the game is very good and has received massive love from the people who have played it. So here are some reasons why we recommend that you play T3 Arena-

  • Gunplay– The gam’s gunplay is very smooth and feels very responsive much better compared to many other 3rd person shooters i have played on mobile.
  • Unique Character- The game already at launch has 14 very unique champions for players to choose from with more coming in the future. Players can devote a lot of time in learning the various character matchups, mechanics and team compositons due to the variety of characters available.
  • Art Style– The games Art Style is amazing and suites very well with a mobile phone’s graphical capabilities as the game goes with a very cartoonish animated style seen in games like fortnite and overwatch. We get that this style might not be for everyone but those who dont mind it will surely get used to it over time.

T3 Arena How to Download and Play

Simply visit the link mentioned or download and install Tap-tap on your android device and you are good to go.

We highly recommend all the Android players to give T3 Arena a shot and for the IOS players out there be sure to pre-register!

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