Top 10 Gaming Apps that Have been Blacklisted in India

A restriction on 54 Chinese applications along with gaming apps, the popular mobile game Garena Free Fire, has indeed been requested by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Interestingly Garena Free Fire is headquartered in Singapore, and the programmer is not from China.

Last year, it was among the most acquired games in India, and it had filled the void left by PUBG Mobile’s ban in September 2020. In India, the application has already been withdrawn from the Google Play Store and App Store.

About The Ban

Conversely, the prohibition on Garena Free Fire gaming apps doesn’t quite extend to the publication’s second leg, Garena Free Fire Max. Garena Free Fire Max was downloadable on the Google Play Store at the time of publication.

Free Fire Max isn’t listed on the government’s list of prohibited applications, which is also a coincidence. Unfortunately, both Free Fire and Free Fire Max have been removed from Apple’s iOS app store in India.

Today’s gamers are having a difficult time. Initially, Garena’s famous battle royale application Free Fire was removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store yesterday, and now the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has blacklisted 53 additional applications due to national security concerns. All of the 54 applications that were banned originated in China.

Reason Behind The Prohibition:

According to the government, these applications were renamed and re-launched in India, but user data was exchanged and kept in China. Some of the applications were video games.

Except for Garena Free Fire, none of them had a large following in the United States, but this news shows that they will no longer be allowed to utilize them. These 54 applications, on the other hand, were primarily popular among Android users.

Banned Gaming Apps:

The following is a list of 10 games that are now restricted in India:

  1. Garena Free Fire: Once PUBG was outlawed, the battle royale game became highly popular in India. In India, their redemption codes attracted a large user base, despite Krafton accusing them of plagiarizing the themes of PUBG and BGMI games.
  2. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade: This was a multi-player game that was also available on the Play Store. It has been played over 50 million times from the Google Play Store.
  3. Conquer Online and Conquer Online II: It received over 10 million downloads.
  4. Stick Fight: Over than ten million people have downloaded it. This is also a fighting game in which you must battle and win.
  5. Badlanders: There are over ten lakh downloads, as well as a fighting game.
  6. Extraordinary Ones: More than ten lakh people downloaded the legendary action game.
  7. Astracraft: This is an air-to-air combat game featuring future planes. It has also received over ten lakh downloads.
  8. EVE Echoes: This is a game about constructing structures in space as well. It is a combat-style game with a multi-player component.
  9. Isoland 2: This was a paid game where you could solve puzzles online and share stories.
  10. Onmyoji Arena: It was also a popular online multiplayer combat game with over 5 lakh downloads.

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