Roblox: Tower Of Hell (Everything You Need To Know)

Tower of hell is yet another online multiplayer game among many thousands listed on Roblox where you play in a lobby of random players. The game was created on 18 June 2018 and since then has had more than 19 Billion visits. The game currently has around 25k active players.

Tower of hell: game insights

The aim of a player in this game is to reach the top of the tower that is filled with traps and obstacles. A tower has 6 sections and you will be given 8 minutes to beat the level. Every time a player reaches the top, their timer speed is doubled. And since there are no checkpoints you’ll have started from the bottom again if you fall or die from a trap.

Tower of hell game img
Tower of hell image via YXceptional studios

This game has around 320 sections in the game. Random 6-section towers are generated at the start of a round.

Tower of hell game img 2
This image shows different sections of a tower.
Tower of hell game img 3

Tackle the obstacles and reach the top. But be careful not to fall or touch the glowing parts or you’ll have to start again at the bottom.

To start playing you can visit the official site for the game. You will have to create a new account if you don’t already have one. Then you will have to download and install Roblox. After successful installation, you can start playing the game.

These games are gaining popularity day by day, as they are fun, challenging and entertaining. We have guides specific to Roblox games that provide you with info on fun games you can play as well as codes that you can redeem to obtain gear, avatars, and other in-game goodies. Click here to check out the Roblox guides. You can also visit for gaming news, guides, game errors and fixes, tips and tricks, etc.

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