Undecember All New Updates, Maintenance & New Events 2022

Gamers who love fighting, a good story, loads of abilities to use, and action to sum it up, you can look up to Undecember. Undecember is an Action Role Playing Game that came out in October 2022 and is available for IOS, Android, and Windows while being free to play.

Undecember presents an exciting story; the title is neat and well-suited to the game story. 12 divine beings emerged from the light that came from darkness and split up. The 12 beings shared their powers and created a peaceful world, which changed after the 13th god came into existence. The thirteenth god is an evil being that came into existence. The game’s story revolves around the scenario described above.

Undecember recent updates

The game was facing many issues reported by players that had a bad experience with the gameplay, features and game mechanics. Undecember made a statement that they will strive to provide more stable gameplay.

Emergency maintenance

The game was under emergency maintenance today December 14th. The maintenance is now complete and players can get back to playing the game again.

  1. Maintenance Details
    • Addressed issues related to characters not appearing properly in certain accounts
    • Addressed issues related to accessing the American server
  2. Maintenance rewards
    • Gemstone of Courage x2,000 (America Server Only)
      Rewards are provided only once per account, and the mail is kept for 3 days (s) (72 hours).
      NOTE: Maintenance rewards can only be claimed by accounts created before maintenance.
      Rewards cannot be claimed by accounts that were created after maintenance has been completed.
    • You can claim the rewards through the in-game mailbox

Known issues after Maintenance

Undecember Update notice fg
Issues identified after update by UNDECEMBER

Undecember holiday events

There are two events in the game currently that were added in celebration of Christmas.

The Catch Santa Puru! Event for you to catch UNDECEMBER’s Robber Santa Puru!
And the Christmas Attendance Event for you to collect gifts every day!

Undecember Christmas event fg
Christmas event image via Steam

Catch Santa Puru Event details

The event will start on 14th December 2022 and will be active till 4th Jan 2023

Event Details

  • Catch Santa Puru from the Episodes and Chaos Dungeons during the event period for a chance to obtain Christmas Gift Box.
  • Use the Christmas Gift Box to receive Major Earth ElementPile of Gold Bars, and Rune Birth Essence.
  • Players have a chance to enter the Christmas Event Puru Dungeon when they defeat Puru.
  • Defeat monsters and destroy props within the Event Puru Dungeon for a chance to obtain Christmas Gift Box.
  • You can obtain 1 guaranteed Christmas Surprise Gift Box upon defeating Santa Puru.
  • Up to 30 Christmas Gift Boxes and 5 Christmas Surprise Gift Boxes can be obtained each day.
  • The number of event items you can obtain is doubled on Special Days. Players can obtain up to 60 Christmas Gift Boxes, and 10 Christmas Surprise Gift Boxes.

Christmas attendance Event Details

The event will also be available from 14th December 2022 and will be active till 4th Jan 2023

Event Details

You can collect rewards by logging in and checking attendance for up to 7 days during the event period.

How to Participate

– Click the [Event] button on the top-right side of the game screen to participate.
– You can obtain the rewards by clicking the highlighted item for each day.

Undecember x Twitch Drops event

Event Period

Dec. 14 (Wed) 2022 09:00 ~ Jan. 11 (Wed) 2023 08:30 (UTC+9)

Event Details

– If you are a Twitch Streamer you can activate the UNDECEMBER Drops Event on your live stream.
– Watch any streamer who has activated the Drops Event on their UNDECEMBER live stream on Twitch and receive the following rewards according to the total watch time.

Undecember x Twitch Drops Event fg
Image via Steam

How to Participate in the Event

1. Go to the link below to connect and activate your Twitch Account and UNDECEMBER Account.
[▶Twitch Drops Account Connect Page]

2. Watch any UNDECEMBER Livestream with the DropsEnabled Tag with your connected Twitch account.
┗ The Drops status will be shown in the tags and on the top of the chat window for each Livestream.

3. You can receive Drops according to the total watch time and use them to collect your event rewards.
┗ Drops can be received from the Drops Inventory page during the event period.

Click here to know more about the Undecember events.

That was all about the latest happenings regarding UNDECEMBER, visit for more gaming news, tips, tricks, codes, and more.

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