Valorant Mobile Leaked Screenshot shared by Reddit user Online

It’s been nearly 2 years since Valorant was Released on PC, and the game has gained so much attention from players over the past years. Many new players are leaving CSGO and Joining Valorant in search of an advanced Shooter.

Recently there have been so many rumours running around that there will be a port of Valorant for Mobile devices, Since not many people believed the project to be true, It’s finally been revealed by a Reddit user named u/rockagent. The screenshots of Valorant Mobile were shared Online, and it has been upvoted so many times already.

The Leak Shows the Loading Screen, Menu Screen, Login Screen and Agent Selection Screen. The screenshots look absolutely legit. The game seems to be in the Chinese language at the moment.

We can clearly see the Agent selection screen, which looks absolutely stunning. This suggests that Riot has been planning on the Project since the Success of Valorant on PC.

Please keep in mind that these Leaks have not been yet confirmed by Riot Games. So please take these leaks lightly, but the screenshots look so good and legit. Some people were suggesting that it is merely an Aprils Fool Prank, but it seems highly unlikely.

Let’s hope this is not another April’s Fool prank, I can’t wait to see what Riot has to say about the situation and how are they going to handle the leak. Thanks for reading the article, I hope you have a wonderful day ahead.

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