Valve Releases Steam Decks Official CAD files for Modders

People can 3D print one to see what it feels like

Valves Steam deck is set to release on the 25th of February, but in the meantime, they’ve given us the official CAD files for the steam deck under a Creative Commons license. In the long run, the availability of this CAD file might lead to some very interesting aftermarket accessories for the steam deck.

Image from iOS.0

Even if you don’t own a 3D printer, it’s still worth taking a look at this file. It has very precise measurements and all the dimensions of the steam deck which really does help put it in perspective. But there is no doubt that this will almost inevitably lead to many tinkerers doing interesting things like adding custom backplates, interesting colored shells, or maybe even a transparent steam deck.

steam deck Cad image

For now, with today’s unfortunate silicone shortage, this might be the closest many might be getting to feeling the steam decks experience. But that time will tell us with its upcoming launch in a few days.

Steam Decks CAD file: Get the files here

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