Overwatch 2 Bugs – Current Bugs, How to Report Bug Abusers?

Overwatch 2 beta has started very recently and since it’s the very first Beta for the game, there is a variety of Overwatch 2 Bugs that are bound to happen. While Blizzard is constantly patching the game and fixing the bugs slowly, there are more and more coming by the minute. This article will list all the prominent Overwatch 2 Bugs that are in the game.

There are chances that by the time you read this article, some of these might be solved because of the sheer speed that Blizzard is updating and patching the game. Nonetheless, here’s a list of the bugs and how to report a bug if you find one.

How to report a bug in Overwatch 2

If you’ve got your hands on a key to Overwatch 2 Beta through twitch drops, or any other method, you’re probably having fun playing the game all day, or at least as much as you can. Playing a game that much on the first beta can definitely make you annoyed due to certain bugs. So, follow these easy steps to report your own Overwatch 2 Bug.

  1. Head over to the Overwatch forum. There, the first post you will see are the guidelines for reporting Overwatch 2 Bugs. You can go through them, but we will tell you the essentials here.
  2. You have to either create a new topic or post the problem/bug you faced under a topic that is already assigned. The Technical Head requests people to only post the bug under a topic if it’s exactly the same. This way, they will know how prominent the bug is and it will go up in priority.
  3. But, if the bug is related to one of the topics or if it’s completely new, you’re requested to make a completely new topic with the name of your bug as the heading. And then, properly describe what happened and the situation it happened in to make it easier for the developers to find and fix the bug.

With that out of the way, here are a few prominent bugs in Overwatch 2 currently.

Overwatch 2 Bugs

While there is a barrage of bugs in the game at the moment, one of the most bugged characters in the game currently is Mercy. So, we’ll give her a separate place due to the sheer amount of bugs she has.

Mercy bugs

Every single ability of this character was bugged as soon as the Overwatch 2 beta was launched. This led to her being one of the worst characters and people thought the developers nerfed her. One of her worst bugs has recently been fixed by Blizzard. Her ultimate’s beam was visually connecting to all the other players but it was only providing the buffs to the main character and no one else. Thankfully, this has been patched out already.

For the Overwatch 2 bugs of mercy that haven’t been patched out yet, in certain instances, Mercy’s resurrect doesn’t work even while being in range. Sometimes, it’s also refunded. Her damage boost also seems to be dynamic and it feels weird sometimes.

She has a lot of problems with her UI while trying to heal other players. The health bar of the target player is immensely small according to some professional players and it’s easy to lose information unless you’re in a perfectly coordinated team.

Finally, Mercy doesn’t seem to have a voice line for resurrection at the moment. This is ironic because Mercy, in general, also has an insane amount of voice lines which can get distracting very easily. They trigger way too often and ruin your immersion in the game.

Now that we’ve mentioned all the Mercy bugs, let’s check out some of the Overwatch 2 Bugs in general that are currently affecting the game.

  • You’re unable to see the health bars through the amplification matrix while using Baptiste.
  • Sojourn’s orb that is supposed to slow people in a certain area is not doing that at the moment.
  • UI doesn’t seem to be reading the setting and it recommends you to press the default button for a task even if you’ve changed it.
  • For Sombra, it doesn’t look like the enemy’s abilities are disabled when they get in touch with the EMP. This can be one of the Overwatch 2 Bugs even though it’s not confirmed.
  • Climbing walls with Genji displays his sword on the screen which shouldn’t be intended.
  • The game currently seems to be having a lot of freezing issues. This is normal in beta though. Hopefully, it will be optimized before the actual release.

That will do for all the prominent Overwatch 2 Bugs currently in the game. Hope this article was helpful.

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