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Top 15 Best GBA Emulator for PC (Downloads & Installation) 2021

Gamer boy Advance (GBA) which is known to every gamer since childhood memories. Everyone has played games on the game boy Advance console, which was very popular in the back days.

The Production of GBA Consoles was sold more than 80 million units, before its sales were finally ended on May 15, 2010. The games which were very popular with game boy advance were Pokemons, Super maria, Advanced wars and many more.

But still, these games are very much popular, many people want to play these games on their PC now, the good thing is they can easily play those games on their PC with supported windows easily.

Here in this post, we will provide you with some of the 15 Best available GBA Emulators which will be used to run the Game Boy Advance games on PC without any hard installation.

What is GBA Emulator?

An emulator is a software, which is installed on the OS such as windows which acts as another device where you can run the specified task given to the emulator for eg – Playing GBA games on Emulator.

GBA Emulator gives you access to run all the Supported GBA Games on your PC smoothly without lags and errors. All the functions, Controls, Graphics options will be available on the Emulator itself.

Top 15 GBA Emulator PC list

  • mGBA
  • VBA-M
  • No$GBA
  • Higan
  • BizHawk
  • Mednaffe
  • BatGBA
  • KiGB
  • Boycott Advance
  • NeonDS
  • Rascalboy Advance
  • RetroArch
  • Dream GBA
  • GB Enhanced ++
  • Visual Boy Advance


mGBA is one of the best GBA Emulator, which is capable of playing any game as well as other old famous games. This Emulator is not so old, unlike others some of the emulators are very old.

This Emulator is open source and free to available to edit and publish your own emulator. The emulator was last updated on July 2021, which is recent. So you can expect this emulator can run almost any game.

Features :

  • Open Source: Github
  • No Bugs
  • No Freeze
  • Easy to use


VBA-M is one of the oldest Emulators we have on the list here, which is capable of running most of the supported games, which is completely free to use and download.

VirtualBoyAdvance-M supports all types of games which comes under – Gameboy(GB), Gameboy color (GBC) and the Gameboy Advance (GBA) of cource. The last update was done in the year 2019, but still, this emulator can easily run smoothly without lag.

Features :

  • GB, GBC, GBA Support
  • Joystick Support
  • Data backup Support


Image source: emulator-zone.com

No$GBA or say No cash Game Boy Advance, which is another working Emulator which is capable of running all the games of Nintendo as well as Game boy Advance.

This is a very powerful Emulator, which has great features. you can also play Multiplayer with this Emulator also you can add controllers to play on this emulator very easily.

So, if you love more Nintendo games and want to play, must install this Emulator.

Features :

  • Ninetendo games
  • Multiplayer GBA Support
  • Add Controllers


Image source: higan.dev

Higan is another, free to use GBA Emulator which is capable of running all the Game Boy Advance games, which has multi-system features that you can try.

This Emulator is a unique, Adaptive emulator, which is user-friendly to use and easy to navigate. This emulator is made with accuracy such that it fulfils the user requirements from A to Z.

Also, you can easily save up your games, in between if you want to exit, then you can continue where you left.

Features :

  • Open Source: Github
  • Save Stats
  • Multi Platform Support
  • Adaptive Sync


Image source: emulator-zone.com

Bizhawk is again a multi Platform GBA Emulator, which can easily run all the GBA games that are available and supported. The Emulator is very accurate in the working and works really smooth.

This Emulator is really unique in its features, which actually provides you with recording support and external Lua scripting. To make this Emulator work, make sure you have .net framework 4.5 as well as visual c++ redistributables installed.

Features :

  • Open Source: Github
  • Screen Recording & Audio Support
  • 10 Save Slots
  • Multi Platform GBA Emulator
  • Lua scripting


Image source : games.softpedia.com

Mednaffe is the multiplatform GBA Emulator, which can easily run GBA games from old to new, all types of games that are playable. Mednaffe is a portable emulator, which is really easy to use.

This Emulator is full of features that are really unique, you can take screenshots, record audio as well as video while playing which will be saved in PNG format.

The Controller is supported with this, and you can easily remap the hotkeys and inputs from the keyboard, joystick and can be played simultaneously.

Features :

  • Multi Platform Emulator
  • Audio & video Recording Support
  • Take Screenshots
  • Controllers support with Remapping


Image source: emulator-zone.com

The next Emulator here we have is the BatGBA emulator, which is really small in size and works really quick. It is one of the oldest Emulators available for download.

The Emulator is really old and was updated in the year 2002, which is really old. So you might feel this emulator is not for you, but it still works efficiently and supports most common games.

This Emulator supports all types of games which comes under – Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy advance games.

Features :

  • Lightwieght
  • Easy to navigate
  • High Performance


KiGB is one of the most accurate and free to use GBA Emulator that you can try. which is supported to the platforms such as – Windows, Linux and macOS

Over 6000 games were tested on this emulator, and are really smooth to play. Also, you can easily play 2 player games with a TCP/IP network.

Key Mapping Support for the controllers, game configurations are easily done with this KiGB Emulator.

Features :

  • Supports GB/GBC/SGB Games
  • Multi settings
  • Controllers Support
  • Allow 2 players to play over network

Boycott Advanced

Image source: emulator.games

Boycott Advanced is simple to use, navigate, which is developed by Julien Frelat which is a great emulator, especially for Consoles.

This Emulator can be very much useful to you if you want to use external USB Joysticks and Gamepads also it allows you to play games on your browser if you want to switch.

Overall Boycott Advanced is easy to use and navigate Emulator, which you should really try.

Features :

  • External USB Support
  • Easy to navigate
  • Play in Browser
  • Consoles Support – MacOS


Image source: emulator-zone.com

NeonDS is another emulator which is easily available to download for windows, which is an old Emulator with an old interface but works really fine.

It was last updated in May of 2011 and comes in easy navigation, Light in eight with English language support.

Due to its low size, it doesn’t take you lots of space and ram while running, make sure to try this emulator.

Features :

  • Light wieght
  • Less RAM usage
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Old Interface

Rascalboy Advance

Rascalboy Advance is an amazing Multi-Platform Emulator, that you must try on your Windows PC. The Emulator provides 100% great performance with almost any game that is loaded.

You can easily play Multiplayer with this Emulator on the Local PC while opening more than 1 Emulator on the same PC and play with connecting the Controllers and Keyboards.

Max, it can support up to 4 players into the Multiplayer. Having so many useful features is really awesome, you can easily download and Install this Emulator and start playing.

Features :

  • Great Performance
  • Multi Platform Emulator
  • No Lag
  • Max 4 Multiplayer Support
  • Controllers support


RetroArch is an amazing GBA Emulator, which comes with the support of a wide range of devices such as – Windows, Linux, Mac OS as well as Android

This Emulator allows you to run all the classic GBA games with autoloaded settings for you which is pretty awesome.

Installation of this Emulator is quite easy and supports Keyboard and Joysticks. Also comes with lots of unique options that are available on the Emulator.

Features :

  • Wide Range of Devices Supported
  • Keyboard and Joystick Support
  • Play in Browser
  • Multi Settings & Configuration
  • Load & Save Stats


Dream GBA is another very old Emulator which was originally released as Dream GBC, which was supposed to run only Gameboy Color games, but now it can easily run any GBA game.

having very old, but it can still run on Windows 10, which is small in size and super fast to use. due to a very old emulator, it is super light and looks very simple.

Features :

  • Light wieght
  • less RAM Usage
  • Smooth Graphics
  • Runs all GBA Games

GB Enhanced ++

Image source: emutalk.net

GB Enhanced + is an awesome Emulator that was released in back 2014, which is open-source and released. and can easily play all games which come under – Gameboy colour and Game boy Advance smoothly.

This Emulator provides you a new experience of playing games on an emulator, which has support for custom graphics, a fully functional emulator and Also Supports cheat codes that are easy to follow.

Features :

  • Open Source: Github
  • Custom Graphics Support
  • Easy to Download
  • Cheat Code Supports

Visual Boy Advance

The Last but not least, here we have Visual Boy Advance Emulator, which can easily run on your PC even with low-end specs. It is one of the oldest emulators that exist.

Visual Boy Advance has support for all the games such as – GB, GBC and GBA ROMs. With easy save stats to support it is easy to save while playing the game or sending game data to other emulators.

Others, this emulator has Controller support, where you can easily connect Joystick, Record Screens, Remap your keys/buttons easily.

Features :

  • Controller Support
  • GB, GBC and GBA supported
  • Easy to save
  • Button Remapping
  • Gameplay Recording Support
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