Bloodhunt: How to Unlock 2 Hidden Achievements on Steam?

bloodhunt achievements unlock

Bloodhunt is the new best vampire battle royale game. The game is free to play on steam. You can download it now and enjoy it, The game is currently in early access, so there are a few bugs.

Achievements in Bloodhunt? Currently, there are only 2 achievements in bloodhunt, and no more information is given on those achievements on how to complete them or earn those sweet vampire badges for your steam profile.

If you want to get better at Bloodhunt, make sure to read out beginners tips and tricks on bloodhunt.

What is the name of Bloodhunt achievements?

Currently, there are no names given for these achievements but the people who were able to unlock have something unusual displayed on their profiles

bloodhunt achievements unlock

As you can see in the image above, these achievements are marked as test achievement and Test achievements 2. So there is no official way to unlock these right now, but the Bloodhunt game development team will add new achievements in the future.

Unlock Bloodhunt Achievements?

There are two achievements in the game. Both of them are secret achievements added by the developers in the game. There could be two reasons:

  • The devs added it for testing purpose.
  • Its really a secret achievement so it can unlock anytime in the game.
bloodhunt achievements unlocker

There are only 3 players in the world who have completed these achievements, and it seems that they have used some tool (steam achievement manager) to unlock these achievements in Bloodhunt.

What is Steam Achievements Manager?

Steam achievements manager is an open-source tool that helps you to add and remove achievements in your steam profile without grinding or even playing the game for those achievements.

This software is legal to use as there is no policy stated by steam that using this tool can lead your account to ban. The tool is pretty safe; therefore, everyone can use it to unlock their steam achievements.

I will suggest you not use any third-party tool on your pc without having full information about it. Thanks for reading the article. I hope that helps.

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