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CROWZ (Steam) – Release Date, Overview, Gameplay and More

CROWZ is a Upcoming Tactical MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) which is in the top list of users waiting for this game to release.

Surprisingly, This game is available to play on Steam Free, which comes under – Action, Shooter, TPS (Third Person Shooter) and FPS (First person shooter) Currently.

Developed by ROYALCROW, Published by THUMBAGE, which is a new Korean Company. Amazing graphics, Gameplay Also this game is going to be your next Multiplayer game for the next year 2022.

Crowz Release Date (Expected)

CROWZ is going to be release in Windows, and other Platforms soon, The game release date is not announced yet, if you check the Official CROWZ Site, or Steam you will find out, they date is still not announced.

But, as per the Estimations we can make, The game is going to be release around the End of the year 2021. which is not far, this is weird the Developers hasn’t released the official date for this.

Game Overview & Concept


CROWZ is much similar to the other Massive Multiplayer games & War game where you have to engage in battles as mercenary called “CROW” and have to survive and save the nation.

To Survive and save the nation, you have to either complete the missions with your squad, or you can get in battles with Factions in the disputed territory.


The Graphics for this game is really sold and Amazing. You can feel this game is much similar to the Battlefield series in terms of Weapons & the mechanics.

Every weapon has its own style, and recoil pattern which looks really exciting. We can expect this game as a High Quality Indie game.


Countless meteoroids fell over the world one day, makes it a endless conflicts between different nations to get a special resouces called “Q-on”.

The Soldiers that were hired or mercenary that are called CROW’s and their objective is to get the sake of nation.


Talking about Game Features, In this game there are two in-game modes, both are equally requireed for the missions to take place.

Squad Operation – The First Mode in which there is Squad Operation which is the same mercenary Squad dispatched on the world, the main focus is to get the Q-on.

Bloodzone –On the Other Hand, The Other Mode in-game is Bloodzone which is described as Crows hired by Powerful nations, in large Quantity whose only purpose is to secure the Q-on Extraction sites

CROWZ Gameplay

In this Gameplay Trailer, you can learn lot about this game mechanics and Style. The game graphics is at the top and can be compared to Battlefiled series.

The Mercenary has been divided into two factions, and then engage in the war area to get resources, which looks like a Warfare mode from the Battlefield.

As an Online PvP and Online Co-op game, this game has lots of expectations, that we will be going to see soon.

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