Download Free Microsoft Flight Simulator (GeoFs Online)

GeoFs free microsoft flight simulator free

GeoFs is a free flight simulator that runs on your web browser and android app using global satellite images.

The free map is based on images taken by the Sentinel-2 satellite while the HD map is from Bing Maps.

It is based on Cesium WebGL Virtual Globe. It was released in 2018 for both Andriod and IOS devices.

Here you can play with other co-pilots which means this game has a feature where you can communicate with other pilots.

This game has two versions: Lite version is a single player that contains only three aircraft and has one island Corsica .

The paid one has multiplayer, various aircraft, worldwide Sentinel-2 satellite imagery, with HD Bing Maps imagery being an in-app purchase.

Where to Find/ Download GeoFs(Free Microsoft Flight Simulator Alternative)

GeoFs free microsoft flight simulator high graphics

GeoFs is a free online flight simulator and you can also find an android app for it. Access GeoFs on your browser/windows through the link.

For a subscription of €9.99 per year, you can enjoy ads-free high-resolution Microsoft Bing Maps. A good internet connection is required.

To get GeoFs on Andriod click on this link. There are two versions available for android. You don’t need internet in the free version.

The free version contains 3 fully functional aircraft and an island Corsica with an area of about 20000 km² (8000 square miles).

The paid version comes with realistic models, global multiplayer, 11 different aircraft, high resolution, and more for just $5.99.

This version requires a good internet connection wifi is preferred for better and smooth gameplay.

Unique Features of GeoFs (Free Microsoft Flight Simulator Alternative)

GeoFs free microsoft flight simulator paid

Satellite Images

GeoFs provide free 10-60 meter global Sentinel-2 satellite images. The resolution is not clear much with the free version.

You can always opt for the paid version for better graphics and more features like high resolution, more aircraft, larger maps.

GeoFs Account

You can always start flying anonymously, without an account. When you create an account either by Facebook or Google then you can give/set call sign and chat on a multiplayer server.

You can also block the chat from certain users.

Camera Modes

There are six camera modes available that can be changed anytime. You can toggle these camera modes by pressing the key “C”.

These six modes are Follow, Cockpit, Cockpit-less, Chase, Free, Fixed. Use mouse wheel to increase or decrease camera field of view.

How to Fly In GeoFs

GeoFs free microsoft flight simulator paid controls gameplay
  • Use + and – keys to set throttle
  • Keys 0 to 9 are also convenient to set throttle: 9 is full throttle
  • Use the mouse as a stick
  • As you gain some speed, pull gently (mouse down) on the stick to take off
  • You can change camera by using the menu or pressing “C
  • Press “G” to raise or lower landing gear
  • Press “Space” to brake

Hope you enjoy this journey of flight simulator on your device.

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