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Far Cry 6: Everything about Easter Eggs you need to know

Far Cry 6 is coming with lots of great adventurous gameplay, which we saw in the Far cry 6 trailers, is now releasing tomorrow on the 7th of October with different time zones.

The Far cry 6 was anticipated for a long by many, next part after far cry 3,4, and 5 series were hit in the gaming market back then. the fan’s wait is now over, which has been waiting for many months.

If you remember, Ubisoft always takes care of fun stuff in the far cry series, There have been Easter Eggs in Previous Far cry games, which show some secret messages, or unlocks in the game.

Same as in the previous game parts, Ubisoft has added some easter eggs, which makes the game more interesting to play.

Are there Easter Eggs in Far Cry 6?

For those who don’t know Easter Eggs are in the Far cry games, These are the secret, hidden stuff that is not shown in the game directly but are hidden until you explore it yourself.

An Unexpected twist in the game, or getting the game ends in few minutes without completing it are examples of the Easter eggs in Far cry 6.

Same as previous seasons, fans are expecting to get some easter eggs in this season also, and they got it right. You will get lots of hidden clues and information which makes the game more interesting.

Easter Eggs in Far Cry 6

The Easter Eggs in Far cry 6 is not completely disclosed, but some die-hard fans already discovered some, which shows about the previous games and are interlinked in some ways.

Vaas Reference in Far cry 6

The Fans had found this Easter egg, way before anyone else, which is related to the Far Cry 3 players’ most favorite villain Vaas, who was also the actor Michael Mando from Breaking Bad show.

If you remember in Far cry 3, there was the crazy villain Vaas, who showed up in a red-colored outfit with weird straight hair, is somehow interlinking in Far cry 6.

Some fans on Reddit found this and it is believed the Vaas can be in this sixth season, as we can see the Vaas bobblehead sitting on the dashboard of a vehicle.

Early Ending Easter Egg

The most famous and helpful Easter Egg which let you complete the whole game without even completing it, just from the beginning.

Yes, if you had played previous Far Cry seasons, you will know the Far Cry 4, was famous for this hidden twist, which was then become very much surprising for the players.

To complete the game instantly – you first need to complete some game missions until you reach the point where, Dani, has to escape a naval blockade around the Yaran island. After that Clara offers you a choice – to fight for Yaran’s freedom or to escape on a boat to Miami.

Obviously, the game will want you to fight for Yaran’s freedom, but it is your choice. After you choose to escape this will lead to the end of the game story with end credits, which will show after the 3 months Miami resting on the beach, which ends the story.

Credits: ign.com/videos

QR Codes Easter Eggs

There are multiple QR Codes in Far cry 6, which are not only there to show, they come with some hidden own secrets and unrevealed information that are encrypted inside the QR.

The Locations of QR Codes are not rare but can be found easily as it looks clear in structure, so you cannot unsee it. Either it can be on the Boxes, Doors, or Animals, you need to pay attention while doing missions in order to get the codes.

After you get the codes, you need to scan these with your real mobile phone with a scanner, after that you can know what’s behind that code.

More about QR Codes & New FPS Mode in Far Cry 6 are discussed here.

Not all of the Easter eggs are covered here, as there are tons of hidden clues in the game, which can be only be discovered by grinding into the game. But as more as you explore the game, you will find it yourself. If you know some more Easter eggs clues, feel free to comment below.

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