How to get Solar Ash All Achievements (Complete Guide)

How to get Solar Ash All Achievements (Complete Guide)

In this guide we will mention all Solar Ash achievements you can get including all bronze, silver, gold and platinum trophies and from the rarest to the easiest one. Check all the trophies and their description on how to achieve them.

Solar Ash is a Heart Machine-developed adventure platformer distributed by Annapurna Interactive. You will take the role of a character called Rei. She is a void runner. Focusing on movement is the best approach.

All Gold – Platinum Achievements and Trophies

Name Trophy Description Trophy Type
Moving ForwardDestroy the Starseed and set Echo free. Gold
All Systems GoPower the Starseed. Gold
Glutton For PunishmentComplete the game in hardship mode. Gold
A helping handComplete all NPC quests. Gold
All DoneObtain all trophies. Platinum
How to get Solar Ash All Achievements (Complete Guide)

All Silver Achievements and Trophies

Name Trophy Description Trophy Type
All systems are readyProvide a complete energy supply for the Starseed. Silver
Wyrm SlayerDestroy the Remnant in the crater. Silver
City SlickerDestroy the Remnant in the Broken Capital Silver
Tripod ToppledDestroy the Remnant in Ironroot Basin Silver
Head In The CloudsDestroy the Remnant in the Eternal Garden Silver
DisarmedDestroy the Remnant in the Mirrorsea Silver
Towers of powerDestroy the Remnant in the Luminous Peak Silver
The Aggrieved StrangerComplete Lyris’ quest. Silver
Crust Station VacationComplete Ames’ quest. Silver
Ahrric’s PilgrimageComplete Ahrrics’ quest. Silver
ReliquarianCollect all of the Voidrunner supplies. Silver
VoidSprinterComplete the game in under 3 hours. Silver
There and Back AgainFind all of Tarragon Danderpaws’ lost journals Silver
Rei-gn SupremeSave a game state of the 100% completed game. Silver

All Bronze Achievements and Trophies

NameTrophy DescriptionTrophy Type
Your Eyes Are OpenActivate Zyd. Bronze
Urban ExplorerFind Cyd in the Broken Capital Bronze
Rooting For You!Find Cyd in Ironroot Basin. Bronze
So Mush MoreFind Cyd in the Eternal Garden Bronze
Beach DayFind Cyd in the Mirrorsea Bronze
A Lava-ly TimeFind Cyd in The Luminous Peak Bronze
Plasma DriveCollect 1,000 plasma. Bronze
Plasma OverdriveCollect 5,000 plasma. Bronze
Universal Donor Collect 10,000 plasma. Bronze
Hobbyist ArcheologistCollect 1 Voidrunner supply. Bronze
Speedy SlayerKill 5 enemies in under 5 seconds. Bronze
Aerial AssailantKill 3 enemies without touching the ground. Bronze
Pretty FlyStay in the air for 10 seconds. Bronze
A Veruki’s TaleFind 5 of Tarragon Danderpaw’s lost journals Bronze

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