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Halo Infinite Flight 2 release dates and How to Register 2021

Halo Infinite Successfully Completed its first Technical Preview Flight, which started on July 30 and ended about 5 days later, Now everyone is waiting for flight 2 release and registration.

343 Industries likes to keep release dates of tech preview personal and well-organized before announcing them out, But we have some news on flight 2 dates, new features, updates, and much more upcoming coming content.

halo infinite flight 2 register 2021
Flight 2 Registration

Halo Infinite is a free-to-play multiplayer game based on the Halo universe. In the past few weeks, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube have been filled with Halo Infinite Technical Preview Gameplay Clips. Everyone is enjoying the game so much.

At the end of the article, I will tell you how to register for flight 2 in Halo Infinite.

When will 343 announce the Halo Infinite Preview Flight 2 Dates?

Sadly, 343 has not announced any dates regarding the actual release for the second flight of halo infinite. Let’s take everything else that happened in the first tech preview.

The first Tech Preview was released at the end of July and ended after 5 days. So by this logic, we can assume that the release date for Halo Infinite flight 2 is August 29, 2021.

But we are just assuming the dates as nothing yet is announced by the 343 or Microsoft on second halo flight dates. We will keep you posted with the latest news regarding the issue.

As soon as flight 2 is released, this time, we can expect real PVP matches with people who are already in technical preview so that they can analyze the multiplayer situation in Halo Infinite.

How to Signup for Infinite Flight 2 Preview (Registeration)

halo infinite flight 2 registeration

To register in Halo Infinite Flight 2 Technical Preview, you need to follow the steps given below. There is still no guarantee that you will play the preview because 343 send invitations randomly.

  1. First, you need to visit the Halo Insider website.
  2. Now you will see a sign-up button, simply click it.
  3. After that it will ask you to signin to your microsoft/xbox credentials.
  4. Simpli select yes on every thing and give full access to Halo waypoint.
  5. Now Click the button that says “join the program.”
  6. After that you need to fill out all the necessary questions asked by 343 inorder to improve their selection process.
  7. After Completing all of the steps you will see something like this.

Quite an easy way, right? All you have to do now is wait for flight 2 to release and the invitation from 343.

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Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.

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