IGI 3 Origins Release date, features (What we know so far)

Project IGI is one of the most famous and most entertaining video games I have ever played. Whenever you hear the word IGI it brings back many old memories, “Nostalgia hits hard.

Project IGI is a first-person shooter developed and designed by Interloop Studios and was officially released in 2000. At first, the game wasn’t much appreciated because of the game’s difficulty and lack of multiplayer features.

But as time passed, more and more people started playing the IGI, and it becomes one of the best FPS games in the good old days.

Project IGI 3 Origins Information

igi 3 release date

IGI 3 Origins is an FPS game set in the 1980s Cold War conflict. The game puts you in mind-bending scenarios where you have to make instant decisions to complete the mission. There are multiple ways to complete your mission. You can do it in full stealth mode or with full aggression.

Everyone was eager for a new IGI game, but it’s been almost 18 years since the last IGI was released. Fans have been sending emails to the team asking for some clues, but the wait is finally over.

The IGI developers have surprised us with the official teaser of IGI 3 Origins, and it is really awesome and presented really well.

Project IGI 3 Storyline

IGI is now being developed and designed by Toadman Interactive. The game is still in its early stages, and the developers are trying their best to release the game as soon as possible.

Project IGI 3 Storyline is not going to continue after IGI 2. It’s going to be the origin story of David Jones on how did David jones became a SAS agent? There will be more to the story as the devs have kept the game development a little to themselves.

IGI 3 Gameplay Trailer

IGI 3 Origins Release date

There is no official release date yet announced by Toadman Interactive, but they have set the official release date to somewhere in 2022.

I know the official release date was set in 2021, but the development team is focused on making the game better than ever, and they are trying their best to make it better than all the stealth fps games out there.

IGI 3 Upcoming Features

igi 3 features

Several cool new and old features are coming back in IGI 3. The developers are trying to get the player’s feedback on what they want in the game and what they don’t want.

You can also submit your ideas to the dev team on the official website of IGI, So it will help them improve the game.

For the time being, we know that there will be new and improved weapons systems, different ways of completing the mission, More stealth action.

IGI 3 Origins Price

IGI 3 price is yet to decide, but the game would cost around 40 – 50$.

Thanks for reading the article. If you are a new IGI Player, I will suggest you buckle up because this will be a hard game.

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