Is Bloodhunt Anti-cheat a Spyware?

bloodhunt is a spyware

Bloodhunt has been in early access for over a week now, and there has been a lot of concern among gamers and content creators about the unusual activity in the game’s anti-cheat.

Most people have believed that there could be spyware in the bloodhunt anti-cheat program because even when you quit the game or delete the game from your machine, the anti-cheat is still running in the background.

Sharkmob devs were made aware of this issue on day 2 of the release of bloodhunt early access, So the developers referred to the problem as bugs.

Does bloodhunt anticheat really have sypware?

The devs have told us multiple times that these are bugs and also have provided a fix to delete the anti-cheat for the time being. Sharkmob said they are trying their best to fix all the bugs and glitches in the game people are experiencing.

Lets look at facts if the statement is true or not

bloodhunt spyware

A Reddit user named f0rcefl0w pointed out at the release of early access posted an article on Reddit stating that the game doesn’t delete the anti-cheat from the system when removed.

This caused panic among all gamers and users, so everybody on steam started giving bad reviews to the game and asking the devs to fix the anti-cheat problems.

Bloodhunt uses a kernel-based anti-cheat, so everyone becomes more paranoid that this anti-cheat works similar to that of the vanguard.

But the devs have talked about the problem and referred to it as a bug multiple times on community posts and live streams. They also have provided a solution on removing the anti-cheat entirely if you don’t want to play the game anymore.


Think about it this way, why would a game development company sabotage its own game? The devs have put thousands of hours into making the game better for everyone to play. People who are causing the game without having the proper knowledge is a shame.

There will be a lot more fixes coming in the next update of bloodhunt. Until then, we have to bear with all the cheaters that are ruining the game for everyone.

If you want to get better at bloodhunt and control all the archetypes, we have a guide ready that will help you improve in bloodhunt.

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